Back from Sin City

Sin City

We’re back… for once, the weather in Vegas wasn’t sweltering – turned out great actually. Spent Sunday hiking around Valley of Fire . Did a marginal amount of gambling at the slot machines – lost most everything we put in (maybe $50 total) – I really suck at gambling. Lisa did manage to double her $10 at the airport slots tho 🙂

More updates, pictures tonite – Lisa took a whole bunch.

A Boom-Boom Bah……

Well, the house, she ees clean Meesis Stine. That’s what I told myself as the first guest arrived. And it’s true, this house is cleaner than it’s been since we moved in! It seems this is the only way we can get little projects done and get the place all spiff…..throw a party. Art and I have been cleaning and mowing and cleaning for the last 3 days. Crazy.

The BBQ went well, for the first time I let Art take over the grill. I had made potatoe salad and a layered dip, prepped the corn last night. I had no qualms about letting him throw a bunch of burgers and hot dogs (don’t forget the corn dogs!) on the grill. No Problemo. There was a lot of beer and fizzy water and soda to go around. Folks brought a lot of side dishes (Johns tortalini salad and the layer dip I made were the house favorites, hands down). Rob and Bill made icecream on the back porch with liquid nitrogen. Damn, they’ve got it down to a science, and the icecream is really GOOD! My favorite? Sweet cherry chocolate chip. Fab! They made banana icecream and some sort of berry/passion fruit, and a peanutbutter batch. All, fantastic.

There was a lot of dog diggin’ going on in the background. We got 5 yards of dirt delivered for my raised beds, and the dogs think it’s just for them, for digging of course. Needless to say, I got to give dogs baths tonight before they put one paw on the carpet.

Jack was a huge hit with everyone, he’s just so damn friendly and personable. Dan in particular really fell in love with him.

Bill brought his model rocket, which we launched 3 times, it was awesome. The wind was perfect, the rocket went up up up and out over the pasture and the wind brought it right back directly on the launch site. Perfect!

Then it got dark, and we did what every party does when the sun goes down….we brought out the light sabers. Uh, yeah.

I will only quote someone (and I’m not sure what light sabers have to do with one’s sexual orientation)……
“Oh geez, you guys are so gay…..” followed by “lemme have one of those things”

It lasted all of 10 minutes before they all started bitching about how tired they were (light sabering takes a lot out of you, appearantly). Then it was time for fireworks. It rained last night, and the wind was pretty dull, so out came the big guns. Seriously. I didn’t get pictures, but it went something like this:

These were not your grandpas roman candles and sparklers (although we had those too). These were bad ass sonic boom muthafuckers. Big Boom, Big Sparkle. Art stood by with the hose in hand. We fretted over one of the neighbors calling the cops. Ha. Like the Po-Leese could even find our house. Good luck. We stopped when the wind picked up. We have lots more, the proverbial ShitLoad more, actually. But with as dry as it’s been, we probably won’t be able to set them off until late in the fall. Sigh.

It was a good BBQ, everyone had a good time. My only complaint is that only ONE of MY friends showed up. ONE. I’m so dissapointed. I guess I need to get new friends. Art has a buttload of friends. He’s the popular one. Me…Little Miss AntiSocial…..not so popular I guess. That hurts a little.
But not so much that I didn’t have an awesome time! His friends are my friends too, so there! I married into them!

Freakin’ Ad-dict!

Sigh. A few months ago I gave up the Diet Coke. Cold turkey. I’d been addicted to that stuff for 13 years, since I was 22.

ADDICTED. Completely. I’d have to say there wasn’t one day I went without a Diet Coke in all that time. Well, maybe once or twice, but I was hard-core on the Diet C0ke. I could down a 12 pack a day, easy. And then, a few months ago, someone told me about a little thing called aspartine. And I freaked. Big Time.
So, since regular soda has way too much sugar for my taste (it makes my “teeth squeak”) and I don’t like canned juices…..
Meet my new addiction;

It’s not as salty as the San Pelligrino, which I also enjoy. It has no sugar, no aspartine, and just a whiff of flavoring. I am so there.
So now I’m hydrated way better than before (all the better to ward off the kidney stones, lets not go there again, please and thank you) and Art has a new thing to bitch about…..

Instead of my old empty cans scattered around the house and in weird places in the yard, it’s little blue bottle caps everywhere.
Welcome to my new addiction. Please don’t tell me anything bad about carbonation, it’ll spoil all the sparkley goodness for me.
And FYI, giving up the Diet Coke was way more difficult than giving up the cigarettes. But, like the cancer sticks, I think it would be just as easy to pick up the habit again. Old friends hate to be put away and are always so willing to camp out on your doorstep, waiting for an invite. At least the Diet Coke wasn’t stanky. Smoking is le gross.

In the immortal words of Polly Holliday

My saying for the week, no, the month (and for the remainder of the month) is the ever-smirk-inspiring;

“Kiss my Grits”


We are having a BBQ up here at the compound this Saturday, complete with sparklers and things that go “boom”, so I suppose “Kiss My Grits Week” is bound to get better. All y’all local folk are more than welcome to come join us, please do in fact. I would LOVE to see some of my ChiVartis friends, more than you would imagine. If your not local, stick a hotdog in the microwave, crack a beer and imagine California under a gigantic oak tree on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a view of everything under a brilliant blue sky, playing a little bit of everything I stole off of Napster back in the day (you can thank Mr. Dylik, no wait, Dr. Dylik for my extensive collection of shady mp3s as he introduced me to the Napster and an abundance of other music-sharing websites prior to the current dictatorship of I-Pod)….and join us from a distance. Hum a little something from Eminem and watch the fireworks, imagine the hottub. It’ll be just like not being here, I promise.

And if you don’t think that sounds like fun? Well then, like everyone else this week, you can ……..
Kiss My Grits

If you do think it sounds like the blast it’s gunna be though, and you need directions, shoot me an email and I’ll mail you directions. Fun starts between 3 and 4pm, goes until really late. If you wanna stay overnight til Sunday, lemme know and I’ll fix up a spare room. We’ll stay up late and paint each others toenails. It’ll be fun, really.

xoxoxo, Lisa

Need sheepdog

This will be interesting – need to move the now large flock of sheep and goats thru the yard to the front pasture. It was easier in the past when there weren’t 7 little lambs in tow, but I expect it to be more of an adventure today.

Anyone got a sheepdog for rent? Greyhounds make horrible sheepdogs – they just want to chase the sheep and play with them…

Power tools and rattlesnakes

Spent most of yesterday not doing any work, unless getting a massage (its theraputic, really – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), getting my hair cut (Lisa too) and going to the lumber yard and Home Depot. We got a couple larger gates to go into the pastures earlier this spring, but haven’t been able to install ’em on account of the rain. Got no excuses now, since its bone dry here … So, time to grab some large fence posts at the lumber yard, and rent a post hole digger from Home Depot. Yea – this is going to be fun. Fraley is coming over to help drill the holes on Sunday.

So, anyway, back to Saturday. Decided to do some weed wacking and mowing down along the driveway and by a small stand of redwoods we have. I pull the mower back from one pass under one of the trees and turn it off and flip my glasses up to make sure – yep – that’s a rattlesnake I just ran over. Baby one… very aggressive – for the short time it was still alive. I’ll spare y’all the pictures. We don’t mind the adults, since they tend to be less aggressive and move off when disturbed – but the young ones are all full of spit and try to bite at the slightest provocation.

Well, time to get some work done…