In the immortal words of Polly Holliday

My saying for the week, no, the month (and for the remainder of the month) is the ever-smirk-inspiring;

“Kiss my Grits”


We are having a BBQ up here at the compound this Saturday, complete with sparklers and things that go “boom”, so I suppose “Kiss My Grits Week” is bound to get better. All y’all local folk are more than welcome to come join us, please do in fact. I would LOVE to see some of my ChiVartis friends, more than you would imagine. If your not local, stick a hotdog in the microwave, crack a beer and imagine California under a gigantic oak tree on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a view of everything under a brilliant blue sky, playing a little bit of everything I stole off of Napster back in the day (you can thank Mr. Dylik, no wait, Dr. Dylik for my extensive collection of shady mp3s as he introduced me to the Napster and an abundance of other music-sharing websites prior to the current dictatorship of I-Pod)….and join us from a distance. Hum a little something from Eminem and watch the fireworks, imagine the hottub. It’ll be just like not being here, I promise.

And if you don’t think that sounds like fun? Well then, like everyone else this week, you can ……..
Kiss My Grits

If you do think it sounds like the blast it’s gunna be though, and you need directions, shoot me an email and I’ll mail you directions. Fun starts between 3 and 4pm, goes until really late. If you wanna stay overnight til Sunday, lemme know and I’ll fix up a spare room. We’ll stay up late and paint each others toenails. It’ll be fun, really.

xoxoxo, Lisa

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