Freakin’ Ad-dict!

Sigh. A few months ago I gave up the Diet Coke. Cold turkey. I’d been addicted to that stuff for 13 years, since I was 22.

ADDICTED. Completely. I’d have to say there wasn’t one day I went without a Diet Coke in all that time. Well, maybe once or twice, but I was hard-core on the Diet C0ke. I could down a 12 pack a day, easy. And then, a few months ago, someone told me about a little thing called aspartine. And I freaked. Big Time.
So, since regular soda has way too much sugar for my taste (it makes my “teeth squeak”) and I don’t like canned juices…..
Meet my new addiction;

It’s not as salty as the San Pelligrino, which I also enjoy. It has no sugar, no aspartine, and just a whiff of flavoring. I am so there.
So now I’m hydrated way better than before (all the better to ward off the kidney stones, lets not go there again, please and thank you) and Art has a new thing to bitch about…..

Instead of my old empty cans scattered around the house and in weird places in the yard, it’s little blue bottle caps everywhere.
Welcome to my new addiction. Please don’t tell me anything bad about carbonation, it’ll spoil all the sparkley goodness for me.
And FYI, giving up the Diet Coke was way more difficult than giving up the cigarettes. But, like the cancer sticks, I think it would be just as easy to pick up the habit again. Old friends hate to be put away and are always so willing to camp out on your doorstep, waiting for an invite. At least the Diet Coke wasn’t stanky. Smoking is le gross.

3 thoughts on “Freakin’ Ad-dict!

  1. The only worry about carbonated drinks is that they are slightly acidic.

    I find it really strange that diet coke does form addicts. I know many people who’ll drink 6 12 or 20 oz bottles a day.

    Aspartame in those doses is still supposed to be safe though. A lot of the web site info on asparatame is pretty scary, and although scientifically accurate (it can break down into formaldehye) the risks are exaggerated. I don’t drink it myself, mostly because I don’t see the problem with good ole fashioned sugar since I am not diabetic- but I don’t feel nearly as concerned about nutrasweet as I do about the aliens in Tom Cruise’s skull.

  2. Acidic….hmmmm….I suppose it will go well with my acidic personality then. So I’m cool with that. Bring on the carbonation! 🙂

  3. i wondered why you had that stuff around.
    my mom used to drink the lime Calistoga version….just cos me & my bro wouldn’t drink it.

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