A Boom-Boom Bah……

Well, the house, she ees clean Meesis Stine. That’s what I told myself as the first guest arrived. And it’s true, this house is cleaner than it’s been since we moved in! It seems this is the only way we can get little projects done and get the place all spiff…..throw a party. Art and I have been cleaning and mowing and cleaning for the last 3 days. Crazy.

The BBQ went well, for the first time I let Art take over the grill. I had made potatoe salad and a layered dip, prepped the corn last night. I had no qualms about letting him throw a bunch of burgers and hot dogs (don’t forget the corn dogs!) on the grill. No Problemo. There was a lot of beer and fizzy water and soda to go around. Folks brought a lot of side dishes (Johns tortalini salad and the layer dip I made were the house favorites, hands down). Rob and Bill made icecream on the back porch with liquid nitrogen. Damn, they’ve got it down to a science, and the icecream is really GOOD! My favorite? Sweet cherry chocolate chip. Fab! They made banana icecream and some sort of berry/passion fruit, and a peanutbutter batch. All, fantastic.

There was a lot of dog diggin’ going on in the background. We got 5 yards of dirt delivered for my raised beds, and the dogs think it’s just for them, for digging of course. Needless to say, I got to give dogs baths tonight before they put one paw on the carpet.

Jack was a huge hit with everyone, he’s just so damn friendly and personable. Dan in particular really fell in love with him.

Bill brought his model rocket, which we launched 3 times, it was awesome. The wind was perfect, the rocket went up up up and out over the pasture and the wind brought it right back directly on the launch site. Perfect!

Then it got dark, and we did what every party does when the sun goes down….we brought out the light sabers. Uh, yeah.

I will only quote someone (and I’m not sure what light sabers have to do with one’s sexual orientation)……
“Oh geez, you guys are so gay…..” followed by “lemme have one of those things”

It lasted all of 10 minutes before they all started bitching about how tired they were (light sabering takes a lot out of you, appearantly). Then it was time for fireworks. It rained last night, and the wind was pretty dull, so out came the big guns. Seriously. I didn’t get pictures, but it went something like this:

These were not your grandpas roman candles and sparklers (although we had those too). These were bad ass sonic boom muthafuckers. Big Boom, Big Sparkle. Art stood by with the hose in hand. We fretted over one of the neighbors calling the cops. Ha. Like the Po-Leese could even find our house. Good luck. We stopped when the wind picked up. We have lots more, the proverbial ShitLoad more, actually. But with as dry as it’s been, we probably won’t be able to set them off until late in the fall. Sigh.

It was a good BBQ, everyone had a good time. My only complaint is that only ONE of MY friends showed up. ONE. I’m so dissapointed. I guess I need to get new friends. Art has a buttload of friends. He’s the popular one. Me…Little Miss AntiSocial…..not so popular I guess. That hurts a little.
But not so much that I didn’t have an awesome time! His friends are my friends too, so there! I married into them!

9 thoughts on “A Boom-Boom Bah……

  1. I know you are pleased to be kid free- but it is one advantage. We can do these things with the “kids” and everyone thinks we’re great parents instead of weird, strange or even freakish nerds 🙂

    One of the best fourth of July bashes ever involved about a 12 hour water fight. Along the lines of “Gotcha” or even “Stripes” really…

  2. True, true… you guys are having a blast with S and N… maybe we can borrow them for our next party 🙂

  3. We never said we don’t like kids. I do, actually. I just think a cat would make a better mother than me. Seriously. I love other people’s kids. Personaly, I’m just too greedy with my time and freedom to fulltime commit to anything more than Art and my animals. Art and I love our unrestricted freedom, and we love each other. Don’t want anyone or anything to distract from that I suppose.

  4. Hey- I just said you’re pleased to be kid free- I didn’t specify a reason. 🙂 They are a convenient excuse to play with model rockets and light sabers though…. Borrow ours if you want. They would love it.

  5. The girls are always welcome to come and visit (as are you & Peter too) – I’m sure they’d have a blast with all the things to do around the farm. We could certainly use a hand doing some sheep shearing this year 🙂

  6. I WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE…. If only to agree…
    You guys are so gay… Lemme see one of those things…

    Just here researching….
    and I found said link too…..

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