The Fog

Went up to the house tonite with another load of stuff to drop off… arriving around dusk, we got a great view of the fog rolling in from the Bay to the west of the house…

Fog Alert

About 5 mins after Lisa snapped this picture, the fog came whipping up the hills and over the property, blanketing us in the mist.

Rattlesnake relocation program

Its like the gov’t “witness protection program” for rattlers… or rather, the puppy protection program. The last thing we need is for Dretti to get bit…

So, after a somewhat scary attempt on Saturday to see if our resident rattler was still under the board (answer: yes he was, and he was mighty pissed off that I lifted the board – he was very much awake for a change and only a couple feet away from me – not where I expected him to be), we got our stuff together Sunday morning early and set off to relocate the old feller elsewhere in the wilderness down the road. The cold morning helped – he was rather groggy and it was easy to pick him up with the snake pole and put him in the cooler for transport:

Snake cooling his, um, heels?

Once we got him to where we were going to release him (a nice area, full of groundsquirrels burrows – apparently his favourite, given him camping out in the same sort of area on our property, he was a tad more awake, but still wasn’t too persnickity – he just wanted to get on with his day:

Rattler on the hook

After taking a few photos of him, we let him get on with finding a new home. We did manage to get this closeup (not by standing within striking range of course – zoom is a wonderful thing 🙂

Rattler closeup

Broccoli is GROSS

See. Kids, pay attention. Even the DOG won’t eat it. It must be really bad if the dog won’t eat it. I mean, after all, this is an animal that licks it’s own butt….. yet refuses to eat broccoli because appearantly it tastes “gross”. Hmmmf. Kids.
Broccoli is gross

Short Stumpy House Guest

Nobody you know. Just a little research beagle cooling his jets at our place until he can get a new adoptive home. We are “fostering” Mason the Beagle. Massie. Massie Maserson. Mase-Man. Stumpy. Dretti loves him, he’s so tall compared to short little Mason. And so fast. Poor Mason gets Andretti fly-bys constantly. He is incredibly tolerant, patience level: 9 out of a possible 10. Dretti is incredibly obnoxious, irritating to grown up dogs level: 9 out of a possible 10. They get along well. With any luck Mason will have a new home in Seattle. We shall see. Until then he will just have to be content sniffing out the lay of 22 acres and dealing with The Dretti-Monster.
Andretti fly-by

Dead stuff

Well, I guess the fumigation worked… walked thru the house and every bug, spider, etc was dead. Not a mouse was stirring… hmmm – come to think of it, that means we probably have dead mice too. Anyway – I went up to the attic to open up stuff for the NextWeb guy to install our ‘net connection and … more dead stuff – dead bats. A bunch of ’em. Poor little guys – never knew what hit ’em. So, break out the body bag and start collecting the Bag o’ Bats:

Bag o\' bats

I guess this is the price to not have termites in the house…