Apollo 11 40th anniversary



As a 5 yr old, I remember watching the moon landing of the Apollo 11 mission. This year is the 40th anniversary and at the USS Hornet museum in Alameda, they were hosting a 3 day celebration/event. I took my brother Greg and Fraley yesterday and we spent several hours viewing the exhibits, including a capsule, the quarantine facility they put the astronauts in as soon as they recovered them – back then, they didn’t know really want might be on the moon, so they quarantined them to see whether they brought back MOON GERMS! 🙂

Alas, no moon germs were found, but the guys had to cool their heels in quarantine for 21 days.

Buzz Aldrin was there and gave an hour long talk on his experiences and his life since the space program. I’ll upload those videos to YouTube this week.


Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin



San Francisco city view from the fantail of the USS Hornet

County Fair

We’ve lived here in the East Bay for a bunch of years now but haven’t gone to the County Fair much. Its usually in the highest heat in July and pretty unpleasant (in spite of being in the city of Pleasanton 🙂

The weather this July has generally been great, so we went earlier this month (and I went back with Fraley a week later).

Took a whole lot of pics – most of them are in the picture gallery. Will upload from videos too. Lisa will add the commentary – she took a bunch more pics. Overall, it was great. We’ll have to go again next year.









Happy 4th

It was nice having a 3 day weekend for the 4th – we vegged a lot yesterday, tho I did finally run some errands in the afternoon while Lisa took off for Berkeley (and came home with a ton of fresh veggies and such). Today we slept in which was really nice after so many early days week after week. The dogs either held it or they went out early and came back to bed. Rah.

For some reason, I decided to dress Dretti in a sheepskin…


In the afternoon we finally mustered enough motivation to get outside and start into the yard work we’ve been neglecting for the past couple weekends. I mowed a lot while Lisa went thru her veggie garden to get stuff in order. My typical A.D.D. approach to yard work yielded some wood chipping of some branches, flushing the radiator in my Jeep, draining/re-filling the hot tub and pulling random weeds. I’d hate to put a GPS tracker on myself while I’m outside. I’m pretty sure it would resemble little Billy from the Family Circus cartoon.

Bright and early tomorrow, we’re going to do some practice running the horse trailer down & back up the road.