I don’t even know what to make of this ad…

Bed frame; Waterbed frame sans waterbed

I don’t know what to say about this lovely queen sized piece of ….waterbed frame. I can tell you it’s in excellent shape; no dents, no gouges, no acid spilled on it, no vermin living anywhere in it, nobody has ever been exorcized on it, it will not under any circumstances levitate. That I know of.

Um, it doesn’t have an actual “water-bed”. I’m not sure why. When I met my fiance he had a crappy old queen sized boxspring and mattress in it. Being the loose slut that I was at the time, I was entranced by the concept of a waterless water-bed and slept with him immediately just to see what it would be like to wake up in that fine looking bed. The sparkle and excitement quickly faded though (not the boyfriend, the bed set up) as I started loosing jewelry, hair clips, small pets and other important items when they would fall into the shelves that were almost completely occluded by the mattress set. But I digress. It really is a decent frame and perhaps with a lower mattress you wouldn’t be as disenchanted as I was with the “black holes” that the shelving became with an extra pillowtop mattress set. Or hey, here’s an idea, put an actual waterbed bladder in there.
Oh, there is a matching slightly grotty dresser listed here as well.
Check it out. You too could be impressing loose chicks like my now fiance did. Hell, he got some. So can you, with this bed frame!


Selling stuff we’re not moving

Its a good thing Lisa has a flair for writing ad-copy – cuz, if it were left up to me, not only would the ads be boring, we’d probably not sell a damn thing…

For example, here’s the ad for the dresser I’ve had for 10+yrs:

Slightly grotty dresser,

It’s a perfectly good dresser, I’m sure you can count drawers so I’m not going to list the details. There is just one problem with this piece of furniture (no, a stray cat did not give birth in one of the drawers, no body parts were stored in it, it does not have a false bottom that leads to an alternate evil universe)…the top is mucked up a bit from an aquarium with a slow leak. I don’t know if this can be sanded down and restained? I’m not a master woodworker, so I just don’t know. I do know a runner will cover it nicely. Otherwise it functions just like a normal dresser should. It does not eat socks, that I know of. Two go in, two come out. Unlike a certain clothes drier I know, no names mentioned.

Or the one for the old couch of her’s:

Loveseat that never saw any lovin’

This love seat was my first piece of furniture after a really crappy relationship went tits up. I loved this piece of furniture. I cried myself to sleep on it, woke up hungover on it, spent years nurturing my insomnia on it, watched countless seasons of MST3K on it then packed it up and moved to California with it. It does not suck. It ROCKS.
It measures appx 80inches long and 36inches deep. The covers on the cushions can be removed and be washed in the washing machine (it’s suck-up-all-the- dirt-and-proudly-display-it-beige denim, very durable)
It’s so comfie to sleep on, you’ll love it, but probably not as much as I loved it.

The ad for the crappy old TV is the best I think:

I remember watching Good Times on this

and Three’s Company, Growing Pains, the Facts of Life, Webster, Punky Brewster, Gilligan’s Island, the Partrige Family and the Banana Splits. It’s like, from the long long ago. The before time. Pre-cable.

It’s an RCA-100. Wooah. With a REMOTE CONTROL. Bonus! and…..a table top antenna!!! Get out!

I don’t know how big the screen is, we’re moving and I can’t find the tape measurer. But I do have a banana. For scale. Oh wait, my husband says it’s 19inches. Oh well, I’ll leave the banana for interest. Please be interested.

We’ve moved on. But that doesn’t mean you have to! It’s very cool to be “vintage”! And this tv is definitely that.

This banana is closer than it appears

Ya know, if I didn’t already own all this shit, I might actually buy it..

So much for the fumigation

Sigh – so, after noting to the fumigators that the wind does kick up pretty good at the new house, their tenting job didn’t hold up – maybe if there were more weights it might have stood a chance, but with 40mph gusts, no way

Here it is starting to come off…

Tent becoming a windsail

And now its totally ripped off the master bedroom area plus the area over the front of the house…

No more tent...

The video option on my Sprint phone came in handy today… here’s a few clips of the tent ripping itself to pieces (and with luck, not ripping the shit out of our roof 🙁

Rip, shred
Rip, shred some more
Rip, shred -off the house

The cirus is in town?

So, on the day before we were ready to close, the termite inspector dude was up at the house repairing some of the dry-rot around some window sills and an area in the attic. Although everything had checked out previously in terms of termites, after pulling off a board to fix the dry-rot he found some termites. Lucky for us, he found ’em before the closing and now the owners had to pay to remediate it rather than us trying to collect on the homeowners warranty plan (which, I’m sure, they’d claim it was a ‘pre-existing condition’. So, now, the house looks like this for the next few days:

Clown house


We closed today! Its all ours now. The long and sometimes arduous process of escrow came quietly to a close today with our realtor handing off the checks from the sellers (for the repairs we negotiated). We’re sans keys tho, as the listing agent failed to get all the keys from the sellers – one last bit of lameness on the part of the listing agent. Ah well, whatever – we don’t need to deal with her anymore. Everything our agent has done for us has pulled us thru the process.

We inherited a new cat as a part of the escrow process. She didn’t seem to want to go with the sellers and they didn’t seem to want her, but she loves us, so she’s staying. We’re gonna name her ‘Escrow’ 🙂


Getting close…

Well, I signed more paperwork yesterday than I could have ever imaged. Went to the title company where there was a literal ream of papers that needed signing, initialing and the occasional spelling correction. At least, for once, someone didn’t spell “Stine” as “Stein” all over the place… I think there might have been a couple Welsh vs. Welch Creek Rd corrections, but otherwise, it was ok. Loan papers, deed papers, disclosure papers (for the Nth time). I’m getting a headache just recalling it all now 😛


Pink elephants and invisible butterflies

This is your brain on Torbugesic. Ahhhhhh, pain meds. We love them! Andretti is a total lightweight, like most greyhounds. I am SO lucky to work at Fremont Animal Hospital, these people are FANTASTICO! Dr. Hogan ranks up there with a very few of the best physicians I’ve ever worked with. She treats Andretti like she would treat any one of her own animals. Not that she dopes up her own animals to this extent…..Dretti just needs a little chemical hand-brake right now. Dude does NOT know his own limitations. Fortunately, the torbugisic does!

spinning dretti world


Poor puppy

So, we have a temporary house guest – a 4 yr old beagle… Dretti was estatic to have a playmate. The problem is – Dretti is a zipperhead and 5 times the size of the beagle (Mason). In all their hopping around and stuff, Dretti managed to wrench his shoulder – so, now he’s confined to his crate and/or laying around the house if he’s watched for the next two weeks – docs orders – no playing, no jumping, no running around like a puppy.

Poor lil’ dude…



Friday was a crappy, rainy day… after two other failed attempts at getting a well contractor up to inspect the wells, we got the original driller of the newer well to come up and do the testing. Of course, it was pouring rain and cold …

Whilest he was futzing with the wells, Lisa and I went to inspect the partially dug “wine cellar” that the owners claimed to be digging. Basically, a hole in the ground and not even a very deep one. But there was a large board over part of it that we were expecting to expose a deeper hole. Instead, it was flat ground underneath… flat ground and a SNAKE!

Not just any snake… looks to be a Pacific Rattlesnake… we were wondering when we’d find one… he’s got a pretty cushy home under this board, along with his lizard friends. The first time I lifted the board, we didn’t have the camera right there. Soooo, we went back 10 mins later and lifted it again. The resident rattler was still in the same position, still looking relatively pissed at being awoken:


And a close-up:
winecellar rattler