Bad kitty

So, with lambing season starting up again, it seems the local cougar is back on the prowl. I got email from a rancher across the valley who reported that he lost 3 sheep (2 killed, 1 carried off) and one of his neighbors lost a lamb or two. We’ve not had any problems with predators over the past almost 2 yrs here – I think the fences the previous owners put up work pretty well. Unfortunately, the recent kills, plus a mass killing (54 sheep/lambs/goats) two weeks ago across town has got the local Fish and Game folks coming out with dogs to hunt the cougar down 🙁 … Sigh – I wish the cat would just stay to a deer and bunny diet and not attract negative attention. The cougar I saw a week ago was fairly large, but I don’t know if its the same one that did this latest ‘snacking’ – usually the frenzy killings are the result of young cats, not the more mature ones.

Bad kitty…

Clarkson hockey

I’ve not paid too much attention to Clarkson hockey in the past several years – they’ve been generally mediocre lately. But I happened to notice this season they’re showing some promise, including this weekend, winning the Badger Showdown in Madison, knocking off Wisconsin and then Lake Superior State. The last time Clarkson beat both of those teams was ’91 when again the Badgers were the defending champs and Clarkson ended up getting all the way to the Frozen Four (where they summarily lost it all), but I still won a Badgers shirt from PJ for a bet that Clarkson would beat them in Potsdam during the playoffs.

New lamb for the holidays

We have a new lamb this morning from one of our Dorper ewes. Usually, there’s two born, but I didn’t see evidence of a 2nd lamb that had been abandoned. Lisa will have to provide pics later today (since I’m at work). In other news I saw our friendly cougar xmas eve nite as I was driving up the road – he was Welch Creek Rd down near the start of the road, not so coincidently where I’ve been seeing deer pretty much every nite lately.

Okay, Lisa has provided pictures.

It’s a boy, woot. Pretty new, probably born sometime around 7 or 8 am this morning. He’s been snagged, examined and ear tagged. His new name is M03 Stine. They’re dang cute when their this little. I looked for another baby, but I think this one is just a singleton. The wind is so strong it almost blew me into the fence (it’s gusting up to 28 mph up here this afternoon) It’s freezing cold outside (okay, it’s only like, 45 degrees, but with the wind it’s just bone chilling) I brought a cup of hot HOT tea up to the pasture with me, and within 5 minutes it was ice cold. And then the wind knocked it over. Crap. So now I’m cold, with a headache and no tea. Hmmf.

Dang wind

So, with all the winds gusting around the area in the wake of the latest weather system moving thru, the power started going off/on throughout the nite, and the 4-5 UPSs around the house started their obligatory alarms, waking us up (whenever Dretti wasn’t waking us up that is). PG&E figured it’d be back by, oh, 8am. Its now noon and I just finished feeding the old Generac generator another few gallons of gas. I guess we’re pretty low on the “to be fixed” priority list with all the outages around the Bay area this morning. We need to score us one of these:
Spiffy quiet Honda generator

Honda makes some nice generators that don’t sound nearly as obnoxious as the crusty Generac that we got with the house when we bought it. Maybe it’d supply less noisy power too (the UPSs seem to complain a lot about the quality of power from the generator and serenade us with yet more alarms). Ah well… time to run down the hill and get more gas just in case.

Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas to all. Especially to the nice folks from Pacific Gas and Electric who currently are being called to fix the power outage to our little slice of the grid. Fortunately, its nice and warm here today, so we’re not gonna freeze. Waiting to hear back from PG&E now to see how long its going to be out – I hooked up the generator so that I could play my spiffy new Xbox360 that Lisa got me 🙂

Christmas in da hood

I saw this at Best Buy last night whilst picking up 2 Christmas CD’s to complete our hospital Christmas party’s music ensemble. I thought about it, and then just walked away shaking my head. There’s a few folks who would really not enjoy, but now I’m rethinking it. I know of at least one person who would put this on at the in-laws just for the shock factor (I’m lookin’ at you, Rob Rogers).

That’s right, it’s AfroMan doin’ a Colt .45 Christmas! With classics like “Deck my Balls” and “Police Blow my Wad” (sung to Feliz Navidad, of course). And what would Christmas be without “The 12 J’s of Christmas”….???

“Five years in the pennnnn……, 4 cops calling all cars, 3 bitch wars, 2 black eyes and a swat team in a pear tree.”

AfroMan, if you are not familiar, is the musical genius who brought us the hit title “Because I got High”. Uh, okay. Sure. I’m still contemplating this, but I just don’t think I can bring myself to spend even $9.99 for this piece of…

P.S. Do not sample Frosty, it’s just…..nasty.

Tell Your Sister to Shut Up

If I ever get a band together, that’s what we’re going to name it. That is such a rad name for a band…..

“Hey man, whaturyou doin’ this weekend?”…….
“Dude, Tell Your Sister to Shut up is playing in the city”……..
“Tell Your Sister to Shut Up?!!? Oh, man, they’re totaly awsome!”

I know that there’s a ton of great band names out there, but I was driving home the other night and this one just popped into my head. And I think it would be AWESOME.

Okay, time to go last minute Christmas shopping. Yay.

Ohhhhh, no he did NOT…..

The Pants just got skunked on the front doorstep. In a blaze of genius, the husband-type BROUGHT HER DIRECTLY FROM THE SKUNK’S FLAMING ASS INTO THE HOUSE. Not just into the house, ohhhhhh noooooo, into the house and shuffled her straight through the bedroom (you know, where we’re going to try to SLEEP tonight) and into the bathroom. You know, the one we get to take a shower in tomorrow morning.


I made up a batch of Skunk-B-Gone, we’ll see how well it works. Art is bathing her as I type. My eyes are watering, it smells so bad. He who allowed it, gets to bath it. It’s luck of the draw. It could have just as easily been me having to hunker down in the shower with a stank ass skunk dog. As luck had it, I was curled up in bed with a good book. Not anymore.

I cannot believe my typicaly very smart husband brought the dog IN. THE. HOUSE.

cheese. and. rice.


We finally got our replacement pottery from Maine Potters Market – the first order they shipped had a couple broken pieces in spite of what appeared to be a good packing job. This time, they really packed the hell out of it. I swear nuclear material probably doesn’t get packed so well. UPS could have dropped this box from the roof and it wouldn’t have hurt it. It would have bounced sorta like the Mars rover …

Rainy, windy weekend ahead

Looks like we’re in for a ‘indoor’ weekend – rain, wind, general crap forecast thru Monday. Hasn’t rained a ton yet, tho the road crews came out in anticipation to remove loose soil along the road (presumably to keep it from turning to mud and sliding). Winds are picking up this evening – hit a peak of 47mph, with sustained winds right now in the 20s. Jack was wholly unimpressed with the wind today and wanted to go into the barn. The cats outside don’t like it much either and are petitioning to come inside again.