Ohhhhh, no he did NOT…..

The Pants just got skunked on the front doorstep. In a blaze of genius, the husband-type BROUGHT HER DIRECTLY FROM THE SKUNK’S FLAMING ASS INTO THE HOUSE. Not just into the house, ohhhhhh noooooo, into the house and shuffled her straight through the bedroom (you know, where we’re going to try to SLEEP tonight) and into the bathroom. You know, the one we get to take a shower in tomorrow morning.


I made up a batch of Skunk-B-Gone, we’ll see how well it works. Art is bathing her as I type. My eyes are watering, it smells so bad. He who allowed it, gets to bath it. It’s luck of the draw. It could have just as easily been me having to hunker down in the shower with a stank ass skunk dog. As luck had it, I was curled up in bed with a good book. Not anymore.

I cannot believe my typicaly very smart husband brought the dog IN. THE. HOUSE.

cheese. and. rice.

9 thoughts on “Ohhhhh, no he did NOT…..

  1. Well, it was a snap decision, because I went to open the door and Dretti was freaking out due to the noises outside – I opened the door and there is Dee-Dee, hunkered down, face toward the door, with said stank ass skunk right behind her. I couldn’t leave her out there – she’d probably have gotten sprayed again. The whole front entrance reeks now. I think some of the cats outside got some peripheral sprayage, as they weren’t looking too happy either. Normally, the cats and the skunk don’t get into it – the cats just give the skunk enough space to come and eat and leave.

    After this stanky episode, the cat food dish is going elsewhere – maybe the carport or the barn, but definitely not by the front door anyway.


    At least Dee-Pants smells a bit better now after the bath – but she’s staying in her crate tonite, far away from the bedroom.

  2. Well, that was brilliant.

    I like the tub in the barn idea, or at least a big shower area. It’s not like you don’t have the room for it.

    And what’s wrong with bathing the dog old fashion style – outside with a hose???? When Moka is dumb enough to roll in dead or expelled stuff, that’s what she gets.

  3. If it were warmer outside, I would have washed her outside, but it was kinda chilly (and we don’t have any hot/warm water supply outside).

    Plus – why do dogs always choose to do this stuff right before you’re ready to go to sleep for the nite??

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