Small quake

Had a small quake here Saturday nite – it was only 3.2 on the richter scale, but surprisingly, it shook the house. I was watching TV with the dogs and Dretti woke up, growled and then 5 secs later – boom – house rattled briefly. Then he went back to sleep. Tho an hour later then I went to bed, he was all antsy and clingy.

Scenes of March

March here in CA has been pretty nice. Decent amount of rain this year, which is yielding a pretty good crop of wildflowers (and unfortunately also a nice crop of weeds and lots of grass to mow).

We seem to be infested by gophers this year. A few years ago, it was voles, this time its gophers. The cats are pulling their weight and helping whenever possible:

Speaking of cats, we have a new indoor cat. His name is Hef. Not so much because he’s a playboy, but more because that is what is meow sounds like. A breathy noise that sounds like “heeffff”.

He got out last week and wouldn’t come back for days. Turns out he was hanging out with the barn cats and hiding amongst the poison oak behind the barn. I finally managed to get him back inside and he went into the sink for a bath with Technu to get any oils off him before we all ended up with a nasty case of poison oak. He is the easiest cat to bathe I’ve ever seen. He actually seems to like the scrubbing and warm water. Weirdo cat.

I’m getting some hints to get back to work soon. Like mail from AARP and the Scooter Store. Geez. Take a few months off and everyone thinks its forever. Wonder how I got on their mailing list.

I took the dogs for a trip around the reservoir nearby and checked out all the wildflowers and greenery. Its pretty nice right now with all the orange poppies and wild mustard up and down the hillsides.