We love Apple

Its not that Apple’s stuff is flawless (I’ve had a few crashes, etc), but their customer support/service has been great. My iPhone started crapping out a couple weeks ago. Part of the screen stopped responding to touch accurately and then finally stopped altogether. It was 3 months out of warranty (and I didn’t purchase any extensions). I took it in to the local Apple store and they looked at it and offered up a refurbished replacement on the spot for free. They had been getting some reports of problems with the screens and decided to handle it for free in or out of warranty. Cool…

Then a few days later, Lisa’s laptop got the bad karma and wouldn’t start up any more. We took it in on the 23rd in the evening and shipped it out for repair the next day. Its due to be back tomorrow all fixed. Not bad turnaround considering it was over the holidays.

Like I said – its not like their stuff is without its flaws, but from a service/support aspect, top notch. No spending hours on hold, waiting for some droid in India to answer and run ya thru some stupid script that always seems to start with “Is it plugged in… Is it turned on?” etc…

More stuff found

Since Cisco decided to have a company-wide shutdown for the holidays, I find myself with a week and a half off. So, I’m finally getting around to helping Lisa clean out the barn office. I don’t have much of a choice – if it didn’t, the boxes I haven’t opened in 3.5 yrs would mysteriously end up at Goodwill or something.

I found a whole bunch of stuff while starting to go thru my stuff:

– my original pair of Merrell hiking boots – I’ve had these boots since 1984 or so… had ’em re-soled once or twice. They fit like an (old) glove. Its hard to find quality boots like this any more. Even the newer Merrells aren’t as good.

– lots of music CDs. Now I should finally get ’em ripped and stored in iTunes.

– a bunch of old PC hardware and software. No museum candidates, but still on the edge of ‘keep or throw/donate’.

– A couple ready to fly model airplanes. I will finally open these and charge the batteries and fly them this week.

The critters are happy I’m home this week. Chickens get to be out all day, horses enjoying the good pasture (the only one with really good new grass), dogs playing in the house.

I have a long list of small projects I want to get done this week – with luck, I’ll manage to get half of ’em actually done. The weather is supposed to be good all week/weekend.


* a towering stack of maps and hiking guides for Virginia (AtH used to hike the appalachian trail quite a bit)
* a ginormous (at least 3ft x 3ft) 1:250,00 scale Adirondack North Country Regional Map. I will tuck this one away because it sounds like freezing death this time of year.
* complete collection of my highschool yearbooks. Some of y’all were really realllly dorky looking. Me included.
* 16 years worth of diligently collected avian/exotic veterinary reference material (you got something avian or exotic? try me….i got info on how to handle/medically treat it)
* cassette tapes!!! Oh my, has my musical taste changed. I’m embarrassed by some of them. Art threatened to use some of it against me on our blog. I countered with intelligence on him. We’ll see if he calls my bluff.
* The Missing CDs. A lot of my cd’s went missing when we moved. They have been unearthed. Yessssssss! Now if I only had my laptop to transfer them to. 🙁

* a research mouse cage. I’m not sure why I have this, but I do. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet.
* short stack of Letters of Recommendation. From, like, 1998 and prior. Not sure what I’m going to do with those either. Probably shuffle them away in a box destined for the attic. A small reminder of my professional worth I guess. Mehhhh.
*complete collection of high school formal dance pictures. Those dresses were so awesome.
* a Holy Bible with scratch and sniff stickers, unicorn stamps and a dedication from the Shoultes Gospel Hall on the inside coverpage. Yes it was mine. Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m going to hell for the whole sticker/unicorn thing.

More to come. Right now I’m looking at a livingroom of piles of AtH’s old clothes. Some of them still fit! he exclaims….I won’t have to buy clothes for years!!

Note to Everyone: just because it still fits doesn’t mean you should still wear it. I’m no fashion plate, that for sure, but I know when to throw in the towel, or the shirt.
One word: Goodwill.


96.8 %, to be exact.

As of 11pm December 27th and thru highly scientific methods, my ass has been determined to be comprised mostly of Hot Buttered Rum.


If anyone wants the recipe, hit me up. I gots a modified one that will make you a believer if you weren’t one before. Money back guarantee.

White Christmas?

We’re actually getting a few snow flurries tonite – temps are still high, but its dropping. Tomorrow they are forecasting for some light snow. Should be a fun Christmas, particularly for the critters. The puppies like the snow. Not sure about the horses tho.

Merry Christmas all! Safe travels.

I hate lawyers

Ok, well, the scumbag trial lawyers and the stupid courts. Like in the case of CA now where the CA Supreme Court ruled in the case of some good samaritan helping someone out of a car wreck that the victim can now sue the person who helped ’em:


CA is already super lawsuit happy over trivial crap, but this is going make otherwise well meaning folks stay away from helping those in real danger for fear of losing vast sums of money / their house, etc.

I thought about this when I witnessed a nasty accident the other day coming back from lunch when the road was slick and on the other side of the highway, a sporty pickup with slicks on spun out and ended up colliding head-on with another car. The talk radio station was actually reviewing the above story when I saw the accident and I wondered if anyone was going to take the risk to assist either of these drivers.

“What do you call 1000 trial lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? … a good start”


Christmas tree huntin’

With a break in the weather today, we packed two of three dogs into the truck and headed over to the Santa Cruz Mtns in search of a tree. It was chilly with occasional rain today, so we left Q home. Winding our way thru Skyline Drive (pretty much one-lane all thru where the tree farms are), we managed to find Frosty’s Tree Farm (yea, corny name, but they had decent trees – tho I’m sure most of the farms up there do – there’s like a dozen or more in a 5 mile stretch).

Dretti and DeeDee had a good time wandering thru the stands of trees, ‘helping’ us pick one out:

We managed to find a nice one and make our way out of the area before the roads froze up for the nite. Its current cooling its trunk out in the front of the house in a tree stand, waiting to come into the house.

Wacky weather heading our way

Very un-Bay area like weather is coming our way for the next week:


Yes, that’s right – chance of snow showers every day for the next week. What’s up with that? I guess with the financial crisis, the CA gov’t could keep up with the ‘good weather’ payments and now we’re in trouble.

We’ll post pictures if we actually get any decent snow that the pups can go play in.


Being drunk all the time is harder work than it sounds. I’m still working my way thru the whiskeys. It’s not going so well. Corn whiskey = hell no. Rye = pretty okay. Anything labeled ‘White Lightning”??? = hell-fuck-no. Here’s tonight’s assignment:

I dunno. I don’t have to work tomorrow, but still…….I think I may just go have some ice-cream instead. I’m still thinking on it.

At the rate I’m going, I’m not going to have a hard-core addiction to swear off of by the New Year.