Fire season starts

Even tho we had decent rain in the middle of the winter, it pretty much stopped in February and now the hills are getting bone dry again. A fire touched off in the Santa Cruz mtns today – I saw the plume of smoke this morning on the way to work. The winds were bad today and the fire has spread quickly. Its up to 3200 acres already. Fire crews are pouring in from around the area trying to get ahold of this fire before it gets worse. Its in a rural residential area, so there have been a lot of evacuations (a couple thousand now I think).

Here’s some video of the situation (sorry about the 30 sec ad in the beginning):

Lisa’s friend Helen has a house in the area and her renters had to evacuate. Not good. There are lots of folks down there with horses and other livestock and they’ve been trying to get them moved. In some cases, owners had to just turn them loose in hopes they could outrun the fire. Scary stuff.

Drama near Sunol

Breaking up our otherwise boring week of heat and flu was a non-conventional road rage incident. In this case, two guys in a van got into a fight and swerved around finally pulling off the road and took their fight into a field next to the highway on Sunol grade.


Here’s the complete story:

Traffic was backed up for many hours as the police tried to sort out what happened.

I wonder if any of it got caught on the CALtrans traffic cameras.

Other than this drama, I had to take Lisa to the emergency room at 3am Saturday – the flu bug we have had her coughing so much/so hard she was having problems breathing. The doc gave her some antibiotics and an some inhalant to relax her breathing, which seems to have helped alot. The ER was relatlively quiet (so no wacked out kids jumping off roofs, no meth heads, etc). There was someone who went into cardiac arrest and had to be jump started. I think he made it…

The hot weather has brought out the snakes. We found the remains of a large rattlesnake at the end of the driveway on Monday. Whatever the vultures/crows didn’t eat, the ants finished off. All that was left was the skeleton. I made a couple rescues as well – a medium sized kingsnake was in the road on Friday and today a little garter snake crawled under the front steps, ate something large (large cricket maybe) and then got stuck trying to get back out. I had to chip away the mortar around him to free him.

Don’t listen to Mr. Doom-Pants

Okay, Art has given you the furrowed-brow forecast, now it’s my turn. And I’m going to take this opportunity to blow a little sunshine up your collective asses. Yes, it’s going to heat up pretty good, but instead of raging firestorms, all I see are clever ways to keep cool

and balmy evening sunsets with bbq’s and lots of hard cider and lemonade.

I’ll let Mr. Doomy-Pants sit in his lawn chair with his binoculars and scan the parched horizon for signs of firestorms whilst I kick back with a beer and a piece of bbq corn.

Heat wave coming

The weather folke are forecasting some nasty heat the next few days – upwards to 106 on Thursday. And just for good measure, high winds to go with it. Not a good mix, considering fire season is upon us now and there is lots of dry grass in the hills already. And here I thought we were having an abnormally cool spring (and enjoying it).

Flu week


Its been a pretty crappy week here with Lisa having the flu most of the week and then I gradually succumbed to it by the weekend. We’ve all been sleeping a lot and playing a little Grand Theft Auto IV in between. Too tired / dead to do anything else more productive. Lisa sez I drive like crap – I figure its because I’m sick 😛

In good news, we finally shipped the new router we’ve been working on at Cisco for the past 4+ years. Rah. Its nice to finally have it shipping to customers.

Ohhh, man!!!!

Right on the glass!!! Art scored us tickets for game 5 of the playoffs Friday night, right on the glass behind the goal tenders net!!!! It was really awesome, (in my opinion…) mostly because when the players are going for the puck and it shoots past the net, they crash into the boards right behind the net. There’s a LOT of checking and action that happens right where we were sitting.

Both the Fraley’s (Paul and Liz) were on the big screen during one of the tv intermissions dancing and acting like fools (this is what you do at hockey games if you wanna get on the big screen, just like baseball….wear the team colors and be animated) Later, Paul spotted me and flipped me off, I returned the favor and we both felt the love. When in Rome…. 😉 That’s okay, he’s coming over tonight to help with our garden beds and watch the game. I’ll cook everyone some awesome bbq, we’ll insult each other, it’ll be great! I won $50 off of Art last time Paul was here because I bet him that the first thing Paul would do when he walked in the front door was make a b-line for the kitchen and ask if there was anything to eat. Art disagreed…..Paul had just had dinner at home, he wouldn’t be hungry. I was spot on…..first he went to investigate my plate full of dinner, then the carton of ice cream that was softening on the counter top. Eaasssssyyyy money!