I have something in common with Bill Murray – no, its not grey hair… its pesky gophers. We seem to have a bumper crop of ’em in the fields this year.

I didn’t have much luck with the water hose down the hole trick in the past few months, plus its hard to do far out in the fields. But the gophers are now causing problems for the horses due to the large/deep holes. So, the tools I have at hand are:


The pups show great enthusiasm about getting the gophers:

They are more like inefficient badgers in terms of the dirt flingin’ around (but far friendlier than your average badgers).

For now, I’m sticking with the traps since they are starting to be successful. I need to get some help from a neighbor to get some gopher poison pellets (the type that won’t be harmful to the horses, cats, birds, etc).

Happy Birthday Lisa!

We had a b’day party here for Lisa yesterday with a bunch of our friends. Lisa made all her favorite comfort foods (lime-jalapeno fried chicken, multi-cheese mac-n-cheese, BBQ short ribs, swiss chard). I got her a chocolate chocolate chocolate cake and the bakery was able to put a picture of the top:

They use a inkjet printer with edible ink on sugar paper… kinda neat.

After dinner and cake, we watched Zombieland (great movie) and “Yor, Hunter from the Future” – some campy 1980s flick that was never released in the US – it had commentary ala MST3K, but sans the robots. It was the only part that made it watchable.

Scenes of February

No real theme to this post – just random days this month so far. In between working on a new startup idea (that doesn’t seem to be panning out :-(), I’ve been doing a variety of stuff around the yard/house to keep busy and get caught up.

Still collecting firewood from the pastures (and along the park road after some of the recent storms):

The chickens enjoy having some fresh hay to break up the monotony of winter mud. Plus, it keeps them busy by giving them something to peck around searching for food.

Dee Dee trying to show Darby how to dig for gophers while I was working on firewood. Unfortunately, Darby has the attention span of a gnat:

Dretti in his usual posture:

Been installing all sorts of outdoor security lights. The driveway is now very well lit between the house and barn, much to the displeasure of the barn cats.

So, we traded one of our barn cats for a (temporary?) indoor/outdoor cat from a cat rescue group. Lisa named him Hef – he doesn’t really Meow as much as just says “hef”. He’s cool with the dogs, but they aren’t sure they like an indoor cat. Particularly not one that wants to share the couch, bed, etc with them:

I walked down the park road the other day rather than having Rob drive all the way to the house to give me a ride to the auto shop. Its actually really hard on the shins to hike down the road in hiking boots. Ouch. Next time, I’ll wear sneakers or something more compliant. Felt more burn than I ever did hiking down any of the Adirondack Mtns. I looked over the edge of the road in the really deep/steep ravine section. Its a long way down…

Final thoughts – doesn’t this seem like two events that just ought not share the same venue at the same time? Or is it just me…

Congrats Saints

Congrats to the New Orleans Saints on their victory today. I was rooting for ’em to pull this out – really felt like they were the underdog and its just amazing to me that a team that has been such a perennial losing franchise finally got it together to go all the way. Nice to see an underdog win. Plus, I’m not a fan of the Colts or Manning, so that helped 🙂

Wow – Clarkson Hockey sucks rocks this year

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Clarkson doing this poorly. The Clarkson-Union game was on nationwide broadcast tonite on the NHL Network and I was looking forward to a decent game (its Union after all). But no… wow – Clarkson looked awful. Really bad – they scored the first goal at the 20 sec mark of the first period and then just did nothing for the next 58:40 minutes and lost by a huge 11-2 final mark. They played all THREE of their goalies and none of them looked even marginally decent. Ouch. I’ve seen pee-wee teams play a better game in terms of position, defense, shots, etc. The coach and team should be really embarrassed with this years 5-18-3 record.

Rain, rain and more rain

The last couple weeks its gotten pretty wet here. Good thing, since CA does need the water. The downside has been the massive growth of all the weeds in the yard/pastures. I’ve been starting the yearly ritual of mowing and spraying to keep ’em under control. In between the rain, I’ve been trying to get back on track with various repairs and projects.