Is what happens when you get two boys together with an upturned stock tank.
Dee stayed pristine for about 2 minutes, maybe less
And then they ran, and Darby got in D’s face a little too much
And smack downs were in order.
The last thing I saw before I was freight-trained into the mud.
In the end, everybody got the hose, including me. It was a good day. A very good day.

Semi-Hardened Criminal

Darby’s litter has it’s own blog, and one of the puppy owners updates it on a pretty regular basis. This is a pretty destructive litter, apparently, but it seems we got the angel of the bunch with the shortest list of destruction/theft/badness to his credit. None the less, Darby was listed along with the rest of the pups.


UPDATE: As this post was typed I hear AtH calling from the diningroom:
“Sweetie, stop him!!! He’s chewing up this cushion!!”
And indeed, he was. Well, okay, he was just pulling the stuffing out of a preexisting hole in one of the dog beds that I had removed the cover from. So he was more taking an open opportunity to spread pillow fluff than really destroying anything. He WAS pulling it out of the original hole.

Back on the grid

Power came back on this morning around 6. Which is good, cuz the freezer was starting to melt all over the floor. Made the rounds this morning of turning things back on, resetting clocks/timers, etc. I’ll be going over to a friends house to look at his all-house generation system with the goal of finding something similar before the next outage happens. We discovered last nite its hard to find places to eat after 9pm on a Sunday on Labor Day weekend :-(… ended up at TGI Fridays tho, so we didn’t starve.

Power is out. Again

We’re getting pretty fed up with the multi-day power outages. We lost power yesterday afternoon and it’s still out. Getting ice now to put in the coolers so we can empty out the fridge. Flushing the toilets with buckets of water is going to get real old real quick. Time to get that whole-house generator system. We have the 1000gal propane tank so might as well use it. I wish the solar system would work when the grid is down but the power company doesn’t allow it. Grr