Nice July weekend, again

We’re having surprisingly nice weather for July – the heat has mostly stayed to the central valley/deserts here in CA and around by us, its maybe gotten to the mid-90s a few times and thats it.

I was kinda shocked to see Dretti has upped the ante in scrounging for Lisa’s eggs this morning and was quietly laying down on the table on the porch. Hmmm.. there is just a hint of a halo over his head, but I’m not buying into it. I kept my breakfast far away.

I finally knuckled down and got the first run of the electric fence strung up and energized. Jack was very huffy about the whole thing. But maybe it will keep him from pawing at the wire fence and getting his foot stuck or worse yet, cut up again. He was pretty cautious about the whole thing, having experienced electric fences when he was boarding over at the trainer’s stable a couple years back. I’ll keep expanding it in the coming weeks so it covers most of pasture where he typically pokes at the fence (which could mean “the whole thing”, dunno).