Move over David Hasselhoff, you sexy thing!

It’s Heat Vision and Jack!!!!!!

Brought to you by Ben Stiller, and yes! it is going to be the biggest thing since, um….Good Times.

By the way, if our Jack had a voice, it would totally be Owen Wilson. Cuz Owen Wilson is HOT. Oh yeah, H.O.T……hot. Oh, and yummy. He’s yummy too. And so is Jack (the horse, not the dude).

4 thoughts on “Move over David Hasselhoff, you sexy thing!

  1. Art- I like Owen Wilson too, but I am surprised you find him hot. Or maybe Lisa did? 😉

  2. Uh… I think Owen is cool because he gets the chicks who think he’s hot & yummy. That’s the extent of it 🙂

  3. Owen could have won my heart at one point. Physically, not my type, but I like his sense of humor. THe pilot was very funny. I really liked the effects of the sun on our title character.

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