Power tools and rattlesnakes

Spent most of yesterday not doing any work, unless getting a massage (its theraputic, really – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), getting my hair cut (Lisa too) and going to the lumber yard and Home Depot. We got a couple larger gates to go into the pastures earlier this spring, but haven’t been able to install ’em on account of the rain. Got no excuses now, since its bone dry here … So, time to grab some large fence posts at the lumber yard, and rent a post hole digger from Home Depot. Yea – this is going to be fun. Fraley is coming over to help drill the holes on Sunday.

So, anyway, back to Saturday. Decided to do some weed wacking and mowing down along the driveway and by a small stand of redwoods we have. I pull the mower back from one pass under one of the trees and turn it off and flip my glasses up to make sure – yep – that’s a rattlesnake I just ran over. Baby one… very aggressive – for the short time it was still alive. I’ll spare y’all the pictures. We don’t mind the adults, since they tend to be less aggressive and move off when disturbed – but the young ones are all full of spit and try to bite at the slightest provocation.

Well, time to get some work done…

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