Back from Sin City

Sin City

We’re back… for once, the weather in Vegas wasn’t sweltering – turned out great actually. Spent Sunday hiking around Valley of Fire . Did a marginal amount of gambling at the slot machines – lost most everything we put in (maybe $50 total) – I really suck at gambling. Lisa did manage to double her $10 at the airport slots tho 🙂

More updates, pictures tonite – Lisa took a whole bunch.

2 thoughts on “Back from Sin City

  1. Speak for yourself, Stine. I’LL update it tomorrow, when I’ve had some sleep and time to sort thru all those pictures. Viva L’Anniverserie! Creative minds need sleep. Like, now. I’m an hour past dead to the world, and so are you. Bed. Now.

  2. P.S. Anyone else think Rosario Dawson is like, totaly hot? In that, Angelina Jolie kinda way??? Yeah, me neither. Skank.

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