We went to the Wente Vineyards over in Livermore last week to see George Carlin. The place was pretty neat – never really thought of Livermore as being wine country (just seems too dry, hot, etc), but I guess if you put water on the ground enough, grapes do grow. Anyway, we got one of those package deals that included dinner, so we had dinner before the show. Great food. The wine was pretty good to (although for the pork & steak that we had, the waiter actually suggested a wine from a different vineyard than we were at – go figure). I suppose I made a classic geek move and sniffed the cork. Lisa was chiding me the rest of the evening about that move 🙂

Carlin is getting pretty old – he just turned 70 this year. As he put it, he’s officially an ‘old fuck’. He was presenting pretty much all new material, so he worked from some notes which was a little distracting to have him keep picking up his papers and look thru them, but he was still funny. It was surprisingly chilly and even under the stage lights, George made note of it as only George can. What was kind of weird was that some folks left the show early, about 1/2way thru his set. I guess in spite of know that Carlin is pretty ‘adult’, they still couldn’t deal with it. Dunno why someone would pay for front row seats and then bail early. Downside of seeing a show at a winery – the percentage of just plain snobby people – bleah.

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