5000lb Bronco vs. deeply embedded shrubbery

No contest… with Lisa away at a dog show in Santa Rosa this weekend, I brought Greg over to help me around the yard. After doing some misc cleanup of dead grass/crap, we tackled the oleander shrubs around the driveway. Although they are nice plants, they are very deadly to the horse, etc, so they had to go. And what better way to remove them than to use the largest power tool we have – the Bronco. Yea, I know, I generally have dissed the Bronco over the past couple years for one reason or another, but for work around the farm, there’s nothing better (unless magically someone would deliver a D-9 bulldozer). Putting a tow strap around the shrubs and a good tug and POW – out of the ground they flew. I only wish I had a camera set up to record it all. It was lots of fun. Much more fun than digging them out by hand.

How not to do it. I don’t like using chains if i can help it, because if it lets loose, the chain is likely to come flying thru the back window of the truck, which I suspect would make Lisa unhappy 😛

This is a bit more what my approach looked like sans the redneck twang

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