Howdy neighbor

Well, not exactly close neighbors, but I met up with a couple that is buying a place on the other side of Sunol valley. They were looking to buy some lambs to help eat down the grass/weeds on their property, so I went out to their place to survey the situation. Turns out they really need goats in addition to some sheep. 6 acres of hilly grassland with lots of oaks. We’re going to sell them two of our goats (the nubian goats we bought last season) and our remaining lamb. They will need to find a few others, at least temporarily.

In other ranch news, our chickens have grown up and are laying eggs – yay! We now have fresh eggs every morning (tho sometime, like today, they didn’t lay eggs til noonish – we’ll need to talk to ’em about being more timely). No more store bought eggs – I suspect with 14 hens laying, we’ll have no shortage of eggs.

The vultures are crowding around today – mostly coming to clean up the remains from yesterdays lamb slaughtering (sorry PJ). Everything here is recycled – the scavengers gotta eat too. We’re done with the messy side of farming for another 6+ months.

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