The road home…

As much fun as the air show was, I was glad to head out of smoggy/hazy SoCal. Rather than take I-5 out of LA, I headed thru the mountains and high desert. Lots of little towns in the high desert – mostly sorta run down, but little towns also have unique antique shops, so I decided to stop into a few to see what stuff they had. This one place in the booming (?) town of Pear Blossom had a lot of 60s-80s ‘antiques’ – ok, well, no – not antiques – more like “various plastic junk in the wonderful colours of avocado, gold, green and brown”. But I did manage to find some old farm / hand tools – mostly stuff that was 30s-40s vintage. Like a good antique dealer, the lady cut some deals to get a sale. I got a rusty old hand scythe, a hand drill and a hay fork for a total of $40. Her credit card machine was down, so she accepted cash and amazingly enough, she gave me a self-addressed envelope to send her a check for the remainder (since I didn’t have enough cash). Its nice to know somewhere folks still trust total strangers to be honest.

The other think I like about little towns are the unique sights you see:

Yes! Atomic chickens 🙂

After wandering thru the high desert, I got back on I-5. The was a brush fire along the highway that was still burning:

It didn’t look like much, but it went for some distance along I-5 – everything blackened.

South of Bakersfield, there are still the vestiges of domestic oil production – yea, its no wonder why we don’t have much local oil given these high tech rigs:

The rest of the drive home was mostly boring, albeit stressful at times when folks were driving like nuts and tailgating at 80+mph. Idiots. One particular idiot who I first encountered around Bakersfield ended up in a fatal accident a hundred or so miles north when he/she swerved thru traffic one too many times, rolled the SUV they were driving and ended up in a crumpled mess alongside the highway. Traffic came to a standstill south of the town of Coalinga and once I passed by the accident, I could see the CHP had draped the remains of the SUV with some sheets to discourage the gawkers, but there were no ambulances on scene and the CHP was spending their time just clearing debris from the road. Natural selection I guess. I sorta wish my buddy Fraley could see this sort of scene, as it might make him chill out in the way he drives.

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