pig heaven

I love photography. Really love it. And I’m fairly good at it. So a new camera is a huge HUGE deal to me. We’re trying out a new EOS. I might like it, thus far…..

Q is getting bigger, he’s filling out nicely. He’s got some little problems though. Lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes) Could be stress, could be tick borne disease (he’s awful young for that though)…I drew blood and sent it in this evening. We’ll see what the lab says. And he’s got Demodectic mange. Not contageous, again, brought out by stress (all dogs have Demodex, a compromised immune system brings it out)…so he’s starting to loose some hairs and look a little bit like a well worn stuffed animal. Hmmmm. I should probably get some meds for that too. Sigh. It’s never ending with the animals up here.

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