No, its not what’s for dinner, as the beef industry might lead you to believe. In our case, its what is dead and rotting in the creek down the road from us. Late last week as we were getting ready to leave for a weekend in Tahoe for our 2nd anniversary, we smelled the unmistakable stench of something dead. A brief inspection off the side of the road and down the ravine yielded:

I called the park service and they contacted the rancher who owns the cattle that graze in/around the park. The ranchers son didn’t sound too enthused to come and retrieve it, given that it was bloated and starting to reek – pretty much admitted that if they tried to winch it up the slope, it’d just rip apart.

So, for now anyway, we have 800+lbs of rotting beef, fouling the air and the creek. Wonderful…

2 thoughts on “Beef…

  1. It was so fun to drive by that thing every day. SOOOO much fun. Not.
    yes, unmistakable… and yes, we too did stop to make sure it wasn’t some stupid hiker. Ew.

    Oh, and I ran over a snake. A really big one… a whole bunch of times. 🙂
    He is dead too.

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