movies and dog racing

So…I’m on a little movie kick. Last week:

The Condemned: not bad. not GREAT. just, not bad. I mean, come on, it had Stone Cold Steve Austin in it. He’s cool.

The Invisible: two words…..Vanilla Pudding. Jezuz…just bland and yawn and wow, that chick has some nice hair, yawn, is it over yet? Yeah, it was like that. Nothing I will remember, that’s for sure.

Next on the list? I think I’ll go watch some zombies outwit the living. 28 weeks later. Again. I don’t care what the reviews are, I’m going to go see it anyways. Probly on Tuesday. Stay tuned.

Today was movie free. Dretti, Dee and I abandoned Art to yardwork and went out to Livermore to try out a little oval track racing.

It’s pretty awesome, it’s the closest to the ‘dog track racing’ that people think of when I tell them I run my dogs. It’s amateur, no betting or crowds or anything. Just greyhound, whippet, other sighthound people and their dogs having fun on a sunny weekend afternoon. Big oval course, drag lure, dogs running balls to the wall. Very fucking awesome. Watching them run is increadible. A few times I just stood there, with my eyes closed, and got a little shiver when I heard their feet pound past me. You could say it’s a sport that moves me a bit. I literaly get a hitch in my throat when I see my kids running like that, they are so powerful and beautiful in motion. The sound of the lure drives them crazy, the feel of them pulling away when I release them and the sound of their feet hitting the turf makes me a little dizzy. These dogs and I were meant to be, I’m telling ya. So we did some practice runs and then went home to work on the yard/gardens with Art. But not before I picked up some cherries for my man. Oh how he loves cherries, and how fortunate, they’re in season right now.

The sun shone warm today and the wind made it so pleasant. Chicken and corn are on the bbq. An ice cold beer is at my hand. Life is good here, oh yes, life is so very good. I wish you could all be up here to enjoy it with me. I would like that very much I think.

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