Caught red…pawed.

But playing it off as if nothing strange was afoot.

Art and I went down the hill to get some parts for the irrigation we’re putting in, get some ingredients for the fab Thai dinner I made tonight and to do the laundry (the washing machine is broken. I’m winning the bet that it wouldn’t be fixed for a minimum of 2 weeks). We locked the puppy up in his crate, and left the other two to their own devices with specific instructions 1) no playing with matches 2) no watching the porn channels 3) no friends over 4) no long distance calls. They are almost 3 now, almost growed up, so I was trusting them, as I have been for the past few months. Hmmm. Maybe time to reconsider this trust.

We come home, it’s dark, Art opens up the front door and both dogs make a bee-line for me (still getting out of the Jeep). I notice something around Dretti’s neck. He’s acting very normal and nonchalant, so I figure Art has secured something around his neck for Dretti to bring to me (he has been known to pull this cute trick in the past). Art claims innocence, Dretti feigns ignorance of the rather large paper bag hanging off of his neck by one of the handles and continues to enthusiasticly greet me. Hmmmm.

Upon further inspection, it’s one of the treat/goodie bags that I made to give away at one of the dog shows I went to last summer. They were in the spare bedroom. Appearantly, so was Dretti. Hmmmmm again. The bag around his neck is empty, and he is still playing dumb. The bag….it does not exist. You do not see it. (note the bag in question is empty; ripped savagely at one end, contents….nowhere to be found)

Interogation ensued, no straight answers were given. Denial was everpresent, we were getting nowhere fast.

It was getting late, everyone was exhausted.

Dee Dee claimed to know nothing, and in fact admitted to not seeing a bag around Drettis neck at this time, at any point in the recent past and did not expect to see one around his neck at any point in the future. She, obviously, had been either strongly influenced or paid well for her oblivious state of mind. I suspect the former. She was no help, so we sent her outside so as not to be subjected to the stress of the interogation process.

The scene of the crime:

When confronted with all the evidence, Andretti still played innocent. He suggested we were both high, and hallucinating.

And indeed, once the bag was removed from his neck, we could see no reason to blame him, as there was no longer an incriminating bag hanging from his handsome and sincerely pure neckline. We had to drop our case. But I will remain…….suspicious.

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