Uneventful weekend

Nothing dramatic this weekend – cougar hasn’t returned. Lot of vultures are performing ‘cleanup’ – there was at least 20 of ’em milling around. Like the lobby at a busy restaurant. “Good evening folks – carcass for 4 – that’ll be about 30 mins”. Lisa took Dee to a dog show over in Grass Valley from Fri-Sun, so I got to dog-sit Dretti. We pretty much hung out and slept / kicked back. Went out to ride Jack on Sunday – managed to stay on. Somehow riding Jack reminds me of learning to kayak – any given outing, I could end up out of the boat… or on the ground in the case of riding Jack.

Lisa picked up some new veggies for the garden (lettuce, etc) since the first batch has gone to seed. We’re getting some decent stuff from the garden this year (tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, etc). Corn doesn’t seem to have been successful – we might end up with some chicken feed out of it.

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