Free to good home

Or rather, free to any home… other than ours…

One (1) cougar, sex/age unknown. Enjoys lamb/sheep. Would be good for flock reduction, deer control (got deer eating your garden? No problem!), annoying neighbors/kids/petty crooks. Very quiet and stealthy, sleeps during the day.

Needs to be taught to finish one meal before starting another.

Yea, so, another year, another misbehaving cat. 3 sheep/lambs in 2 days. We only have 2 left now. A few other folks in the east bay hills have also been visited lately by cougars, might be the same cat, might be his/her friends.

4 thoughts on “Free to good home

  1. I hope you keep the dogs in- unless they act like the pup in this story: news . yahoo. com /story//ap/odd_puppy_scares_bears

  2. I commented, but it was waiting moderation because I put a link to the cockapoo article in it.

    Protect the dogs.

  3. Puppies are only going out on a leash … I got a bad feeling about tonite tho – The wind is blowing strong tonite and I checked on the two remaining animals and they are acting pretty freaked.

  4. Sounds like another trap and shoot exercise. We recently looked at the pictures of last year’s visitor, and the sooner this one is gone the better.

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