Too much to hope for

Dang – cougar came back last nite and killed our last sheep. Clark the Goat is really friendly this morning and wants out of the pasture. He’s going to spend nites in the barn now – don’t want to lose him. With luck, we can trap the cat tonite, otherwise, we’re sorta out of bait.

4 thoughts on “Too much to hope for

  1. I’m sorry for the loss of the sheep. I know you used to like the big kitties Art- but this is tough. Can you claim the losses anywhere (insurance? taxes?)

    I think it is time to invest in a motion sensor night camera.

  2. Hunters came out and we moved the trap to the front pasture and I spent a couple hours cutting up the sheep to use as bait tonite. Given the heat here, I wanted a few days worth since each chunk will only last one nite. I’m hoping to solve this problem tonite so this doesn’t drag on.

    We closed out the sheep ranching on last years taxes due to the losses we had with the last cougar.

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