The road to Santa Fe

Is lined with Mexican sunflowers

I pulled off the road and waded into them. Then I got the lenscap keeper that Paula sent me for the new camera caught on one of the bushes. I felt it pull, and then heard it go “ziiiinnnggggg……fluff” into the underbrush. I must have spent 20 minutes shuffling thru the sunflowers peering into the underbrush looking for it and hoping no rattlesnakes were in the immediate vicinity. It’s a miracle I found it, not 2 feet from where it zinged.

When I got back up to the side of the road I looked down and noticed I was drenched in bright yellow pollen. The kind that doesn’t brush off (think Easter Lily pollen). My hayfever thought that was absolutely brilliant. I am a genius some days.

Flagstaff has 3 things that stick out in my mind on this trip:

Late for the Train coffee.
I’ll be bringing home a can of Rez Dog and a can of the Black and Tan. Art the Husband isn’t so much into coffee as I am, but he likes the good stuff. From what I tasted, this is the good stuff.

Bun Huggers. I failed to stop there on the way out to Santa Fe, I will not fail on the return trip. Oh no, I will not fail.

Extremely large cows that watch you at stop lights.

I mean, that is a REALLY LARGE COW.

Furniture Barn, indeed. I got what I needed from that place just watching that cow watching me. And the cupcake stand. And the fuzzy pink patio umbrella. Who needs to go inside???

I think I’ll check it out and see if they really sell cupcakes outside of a Furniture Barn on the way home. Just for kicks and giggles, you know.

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