Sick puppy

Dretti came down with some sudden abdominal pain tonite that got us concerned enough to rush him down to the emergency vet. He had a fever and seemed pretty distressed – barfed up his dinner and was looking pretty out of it. After some xrays and ultrasound, it doesn’t look at first glance that he was having bloat which is what Lisa was most worried about. But he’s going to spend the nite at the clinic being watched and on fluids, etc. Keeping our fingers crossed that he’s all better by morning.

3 thoughts on “Sick puppy

  1. He’s back home now – had a high fever and gut pain, but xrays/ultrasound didn’t really show anything as the cause, tho it did rule out really bad stuff like bloat, etc. There was some fluid in his abdomen that was unclear as to the cause. Lisa is going to likely take him back today for further exam. After we left him at the hospital around 11 last nite, within a few hours, he was feeling better enough to whine and howl until we picked him up around 6:30 – the vet was happy to see him go home 🙂

  2. Andretti’s had his stomach tacked to his abdominal wall, so GDV was not a concern, however mesentaric torsion was. And splenic torsion. He’s better today, but completely exhausted from staying up all night howling for his mama. I will be taking him in to see Helen tomorrow for a follow up. She knows her shit, if there’s anything wrong with him, Helen will find it.

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