Rain is coming

I know it might not be exciting for folks elsewhere that have plenty of water, but the prospect of rain coming to the Bay area is a big deal. Its been pretty much rainless since March (unless you count a few hundredths of an inch here and there). I’ve been having to monitor our well & water tank pretty much daily all summer to make sure we’re not hitting bottom.

The downside of the first rain – idiots on the roads. After 6+ months of no rain, the first few hours will turn the roads into a slippery mess and the CA drivers which are already some of the suckiest ever, will not fail to disappoint. They could turn the first rain in CA after a dry summer into a reality series…

One thought on “Rain is coming

  1. Yeah, we’re supposed to get somewhere close to 3″ just on Friday. It’s supposed to be quite the weather system coming. Last night I got up on the roof with the gas powered leaf blower and cleared the gutters & roof. Bring it AWN!

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