Catching up…

Time flies – Its been a couple weeks since our last post. Things have been crazy with work and the farm. We’re left with only our goat, Clark, right now due to the latest visits from the local cougar. In the coming weeks, I plan to build some form of nite time pen for the animals so that we can restock our flock and not have them get picked off immediately. We’ve concluded the cougars are like raccoons here – if you get rid of one, another one comes along shortly, so we just need to work out a better means of keeping livestock that doesn’t include getting cleaned out once or twice a year and then having to try to trap/shoot the offending predator.

Speaking of predators, we got home late last nite and I forgot that I left the chicken hutch wide open. Luckily, the local raccoons hadn’t discovered it but this lil’ guy did:

It was around midnite, and from the looks of the eggs, he had been there awhile. He wasn’t attacking the chickens, but merely noshing on all their eggs. He was unconcerned about me shining a light in thru the open door and just went about his business, occasionally looking up with an expression like “wow – these a really good”. It was funny watching him try to open them, since he couldn’t get his mouth around them. He would just roll them out of the clutch and on to a harder part of the floor and bang on them til they opened. He left about 5 mins after I discovered him and I got everything closed up for the nite w/o having the chickens smelling like skunk spray for the next couple weeks.

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