Christmas and stuff.

For all interested, Christmas went, for the most part, quietly this year. Our tree, procured late in the scheme of things, was on it’s last leg on Christmas day, showering all who came within electomagnetic distance of it with crispy sad little needles. 3/4 of the lights decide and proclaimed that they were ‘done’ on the 23rd and could not be cajoled into coming back to life. But that’s okay because the tree was so dry I’m not sure those lukewarm little lights would have been a very good idea anyways. We slept in late, putzed around exchanging gifts, fussed with the horses and dogs, then went to go see a movie with Greg. We saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which Greg proclaimed “Quite good, like Indiana Jones sort of” and I proclaimed “Predictable, if you anticipate anything close to the original National Treasure Movie’s chain of clues and puzzles and ‘are they going to make it, no they’re most certainly not, oops, they made it’ storyline. ” Art agreed with both of us, whole heartedly.

We again exchanged gifts (with Greg this time) then headed home for what Christmas is really about……ham. That’s right. Nine (9) pounds of honeybaked ham. And garlic mashed potatoes (less than 9 lb) and a lovely salad with oranges, pecans, raspberries and homemade honey mustard. What are we, two childless adults, going to do with NINE (9) pounds of ham you ask???? Yeah, me too. Art says we’re gunna eat the ham. Everybody is going to eat the ham. Eat the ham, Tina, eat the ham!

Christmas ended as quietly as it began.

The new horse (Izzy) is home (she arrived last Saturday).

Jack is in pig heaven. Little does he know that he is going away for boot camp. Time for a Jack tune-up. I’m interviewing trainers this week. But for now he’s loving life with his new girlfriend. Note we put his poofy jacket on to hide all his fat from the lady who delivered Izzy.

“Does this jacket make my butt look big?”

Anyways, a nice Christmas. I’m very proud of myself, I was able to read a good portion of the book Paula and family sent us (The Dangerous Book for Dogs, by Rex and Sparky) AND get the fire hazard….ahem…Christmas Tree removed from the house prior to the New Year. Yay for small miracles.

Now, it is just very cold. Too cold to anything except snuggle up to a bottle of wine and write blogs with hockey playing in the background. I smell like horse. I am content. Very.

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