First year with solar power

Summary: success! Our ‘true-up’ bill this month for the last year of usage was a total of $194. Combined with the monthly ‘connect’ fees, we paid around $300 total to PG&E. Compared with the typical $250-450/mo for electricity, I’d say installing the solar panels was a resounding success. For those wondering why our bills were that high, California is somewhat unique in how they allow the power companies to charge for power. There is a base rate and then it tiers upward from there. The base tier rate is around $0.11/KwH and wanders up to around $0.40+/KwH. Basically, the more you use, the more you pay per unit. Nice eh? Imagine going to the gas pump and paying $3/gal for the first 5 gals and then $4…$9/gal as you need more gas. Welcome to the People’s Republic of California :-/

6 thoughts on “First year with solar power

  1. Hey uys- Thanls for the ornaments and the game. N is currently strting the game and is “about to be violently ill”.

    This will be a lot of fun.

  2. Has Vaera moved on? Is Jack happy to have company (again)? Any great new recipes? Pete got me a paella pan for Christmas- so New years we’ll make a version. It will be great.

  3. Vaera is extremely happy here in NorCal, she has assimilated into the pack immediately, she’s steadily putting on weight, & finds much love in the family.

    She’s a happy girl.

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