The Mist, a review with no spoilers.

Let’s make one thing clear: I like reading almost ALMOST anything Stephen King writes. Mostly, his early stuff. One of my all time favorites was The Stand. It remains, perhaps, my favorite. My second favorite? The Mist. I’ve read it a dozen times, each time I enjoy it, short as it is. They made both of my favorites into movies (The Stand was a tv mini series which, despite the casting of Molly Ringworm, it was excellent. And absolutely true to the book, key with me). It seems anything that King has a hand in, actually supervises, turns out fucking fabulous and always spot on with the book. This was the case with more than few movies based on his books. The few most notable exceptions were The Shining and Lawnmower Man (He sued over that one to get his name off the credits, it was so bad), Sleep Walkers and Pet Cemetary 2. He often shows up in cameos in his book based movies, which is always fun.

But, I digress.

He did not make an appearance in The MIst, and it was a great flick non the less. The only thing I vehemently oppose is the ending. It was awful, and as Beth told me, was totally not necessary. I agree. The rest of the movie??? I loved it. It was a little slow in parts, but the character development was superb (especially the town nutcase/religious zealot…she was outstanding in her roie). The special effects were decent, and the story stayed very true to the book.

Overall, I enjoyed it as much as I did my popcorn.

P.S. Carissa? I went with Art the Husband, not alone like I told you I was going to do. I still hold that going to the movies by yourself is a wonderful thing to do, I will do it next week, just to prove it to you. Maybe we could go together, but sit apart. You know, to get the whole “going by yourself” experience, but with a safety net in case you get all scared and shit. Then you could just move up a few rows and finish out the movie with company. But you can’t touch my popcorn. Just an idea.

6 thoughts on “The Mist, a review with no spoilers.

  1. We just watched the Shining with S. I had never seen it and figured I should.

    I like the Frank Darabont films, so I am excited about the Mist, but suspect it will wait until video. S just got the collection of stories with the novella in it. ..

  2. That collection is really good, the mist will probably creep her out a little. It did when I read it the first time.

  3. She read one of the stories, randomly, and aid it was pretty lame. Hmm. I’ll get her into the Mist sooner. I wish it had been done with a rating we could take her to see it.

    I had her watch The Green Mile. I would have her watch Misery- but we need the edited for TV version of the R rate movies in order to claim that we are good parents.

  4. I HATED misery for tv. The book, it was okay, at best. Not one of his best, in my opinion. The Long Walk, that one is good, messes with your mind a bit. The Running Man is pretty good, they made a pretty badly mangled movie about it.

  5. Dreamcatcher wasn’t bad…. the book was awesome, but really, you have to admit that the movies never really are as good as the books.

    Tommyknockers. Now that was a great book, and the movie sucked HUGELY!

    The Green Mile = fantastic!

  6. dreamcatcher?
    it’s like he ran out ideas for the screenplay, then threw Samuel L. Jackson & aliens in there hoping no one would notice how ridiculous it was.

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