Got raccoon #2

I setup the trap last nite before going to bed with the hopes of finishing the relocation program started last week. Bingo – one young ‘coon in the trap this morning, soon to be relocated to a nice place miles away near the reservoir. Maybe he’ll find his friend, maybe not – just so long as he doesn’t find our place again.

3 thoughts on “Got raccoon #2

  1. You need to start tagging these critters somehow, to see if they are indeed making it back to the ranch.

  2. Yea, I hope they’re not making their way back from 7-10 miles away. I let ’em go by a creek far away, hoping that perhaps foraging in a more natural environment would keep it from wandering back. He should set up shop by the creek with any luck – there isn’t much water between there and here, so perhaps he’ll be smart and stay there. I guess I could tag ’em with a small dab of dye or something on the fur, but there’s no way I’m sticking my hand into the trap to ear tag ’em 🙂

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