Toasty day

Bleah – high 90s today – so starts the less than nice weather here. I guess once it hits 115 again, 90s will seem ‘cool’ tho.

So, the irony of having a solar system is that even though we have perfectly sunny days now, due to the heat/intensity of the sun, the output of the system is going down somewhat – like other electronics, the silicon solar cells don’t like to be hot (go figure). So, they drop like .5% efficiency for every degree C over their base rated temp (25C – not ambient, but module/cell temp). Now I’m pondering whether I should have actually taken thermo for real in college. I have been thinking about how to keep the cells cooler w/o using more power to cool them than we’re loosing in efficiency. Anyone got a thermo book handy? 🙂

We ditched the idea of cooking at home tonite because of the heat and just grabbed some sushi. Found a baby kingsnake in the driveway when we got home. I herded him off into the bushes so he can go hunt baby rattlers.

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