Holy Ice Crystals Batman!

Disclaimer: If you come from somewhere with real weather, we appologize for sounding like bloody morons. Lets make one thing very clear from the start of this post: We admire, respect, revere and applaude you for your fortitude, for the strength you show to live in a place that challenges your ability to carry on in a normal fashion when the thermometer drops below, oh, lets say, 35 degrees. We’re sure you suffer….you suffer more than us on a daily basis based on climate alone. And you never complain. We know. You are strong, and have many wool sweaters. Your children have many wool sweaters. You own something called muckalucks. So don’t even start with the “we have it worse than you” comments, we know you do. Kay? Kay.
This is you (not California):

And this is us (California):

So anyway…..
It snowed for reals at the Stine Compound today! Well, this evening actually. I came home tonight to everything looking all Christmasy and white. It was dark, but I got a few decent pictures:

The skylights in the barn:

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, skylights in a barn? Whatever. It’s California. It came with the house. Get over it.
So here’s Sara, complaining about how cold it is

And Jack, all bitchy because I was late with dinner and didn’t put one of those warm blankies on him yet. Sheesh.

Life on the California Farm.
The Stine Compound.
Hey, listen up….when this country finally comes apart, and zombies walk the civilized streets, you’ll be BEGGING to come live up here. If you’re nice, and we like you, you can come. If not, we’ll refer you out to the Other Stine Compound located in The Middle of Nowhere Nevada. You don’t want that. They don’t have skylights.

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