Where’s my pony? I get yer pony right here….

So, after hearing “where’s my pony” ever since we moved in, we finally got one… he’s pretty cool – his name is Jack – or rather, Get Back Jack. I wasn’t a real horse person, but Jack is pretty cute… note his ‘surfer dude’ blonde mane… how typically Californian 😛

Jack in the upper pasture

Jack styling in his new crib...

We weren’t sure about the dogs and the horse together, but they seem to like to play – or rather, race each other:

Jack and Andretti racing...

Jack and Andretti racing...

Jack and the sheep/goat – well, let’s say that Jack sees the sheep/goat a playtoys:

Sizing up the sheep

Sheep herding

More sheep herding

One thought on “Where’s my pony? I get yer pony right here….

  1. We dont let Tig the stupid dog off the chain while the horses are roaming. She tends to want to chase them.
    Billy doesnt find this amusing & trys to kick Tigs face off.
    Tig the stupid dog has a problem distinguishing between Horse, cow, wild turkey etc.
    Anything that is within sight & walking is meant to be chased.
    Bad dog! 🙁

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