Project HutchDestruct becomes Project Hutch Construct

The Stine Chickens, having recently been evicted and finding themselves relegated to FEMA-style housing, were understandably very put out.

The ladies were at work when the eviction notice was posted. Needless to say they were very confused when they got home from the office and found everything in pieces and only a tent with no indoor pluming to overnight in.

Weekend # 2 continued, again with the assistance of Fraley. Their goals were lofty, so many things that were going to get done! Reality? Walls. Well, sort of. There was a lot of math involved, Fraley wanted to do what Art calls ‘fancy math’, which in reality is just trigonometry and is made easy and entirely possible by simply rotating the iPhone horizontally while in the calculator application. Art was having none of it.

Framin' it up.

Fraley gets a shot at the nail gun. Supervised, of course.

Oh Art, someone is going end up in the hospital getting a nail removed from their ass. I'm pretty sure.

Warped wood. Dilemma.

Somehow this set up, Fraley within gravity range of the business end of the nailgun doesn't seem like such a genius idea.

In Fraley's own words: Fucking Genius. The solution to warped beams involved a spare piece of lumber, the a couple of nails and a vice grip. Vice the beam into place, securely nail to base. Warpage fixed.

My friend Elizabeth was visiting this second week in May, and offered up some help too.

Server of nailz.

Excellent nailz presentation.

Well, SOMEONE has to deliver the nails to Mr. Stine. The manager in him insists on assistance in every small detail of a large project like this. I think she did a lovely job. I delivered Diet Cokes, but with hardly as much style.
On the up side, it didn’t rain but it was wicked cold, for the middle of May.

This looks really pretty, but it's cold as crap. NOT FUN.

And thus begins a roof, with a lot of 'fancy math'

The ladies stick around part of the day to check zoning permits and sign any construction paperwork.

They were so happy to be starting the roof. It involved a LOT of math. Math that AtH termed "FraleyMath" once Paul was out of earshot.

Supervising is best done from the ground, so sayeth Paul Fraley.

Reverse Doom Cloud. My husband never has a doom cloud hovering over his head, ever. That's just....weird.

I'm not sure why Paul was so happy to be up on that ladder, but he was.

The man I married. This angle makes him look much more intimidating than he really is. In fact, this photo scares me a little.

It was a 3 ladder day.

The ArtFraley method of attaching rafter beams.

This is going to be one hell of a well built chicken hutch. Art’s reconsidering the chickens lease option and thinking about putting in a minifridge, poofy-chair, a flat screen and surround sound. Maybe a disco ball. Man-Cave, out behind the barn. You know, where all the fun happens.

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