We had to break up

Dear MySpace;

It’s been over for a long long time. We haven’t spoken in well over a year, probably more, so don’t act like you didn’t know it was coming. Just give me back my blog posts, and my photos and we won’t have to ever see each other again. It’s for the best, really. You smell like dust-bunnies and teen angst, if that’s possible to do simultaneously, and I can’t be seen with you in public. Or in private anymore, it makes me feel weird.

xoxo, Lisa

It took me an entire flippin’ day (several months ago), but I finally cut the cord. Canceled the account. Cleaning out my internetz closet. 5 years worth of blog posts, about 50% pretty entertaining. With photos and such it took significantly longer to archive than one would expect. What a nightmare. But it’s done. It’s 5 years history of musings and ramblings, something I didn’t want to burn without a backwards glance. MySpace is dead. It has been for a while. I suppose it was mostly for teenage kids and 20 somethings, a few 30 somethings bored with no other outlet, and a lot of bands. It served to keep me in contact with some friends that I would have otherwise let fall by the wayside due to my awe inspiring ability to procrastinate. Social networking isn’t all obsessively stalking your high school sweetheart and making comments on co-workers posts about their weekend adventures, there are some benefits in today’s highly technical and internetical world ( I made that word up just now, internetical). But seriously? MySpace is dead dead dead. An interview on some news/talk radio station confirmed it for me the other night. The radio news anchor was interviewing some entertainment lawyer about a celebrity lawsuit over comments posted on Twitter (a social network feed that I personally find insanely ridiculous in both form and content). Anyhow, the lawyer blabbles on about how you need to be very careful about posting comments, making statements, blah blah blah on (and I quote) “on Twitter, FaceBook and MySpace….well, not so much MySpace anymore, but all the other social networking sites for sure….”. I just sat their and laughed. Nothing says your business is a cold stiff corpse more than the media consciously and explicitly excluding you from a known market.

I may (will) be re-posting some of those archived blog entries because upon re-reading them they make me giggle, so if we’re connected on Facebook, or were connected on MyDeadSpace, and you think you’ve seen that somewhere before ? You probably have. If you haven’t, maybe it’ll make you laugh out loud. Gosh, I hope so, I don’t write just to hear myself….um….write.

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