Goodbye Granny

About three weeks ago, we got a call from Aunt Ruthie telling us that Granny had suffered a severe stroke and was in the hospital. I snagged Greg and we flew back east to PA to see her. I always find it sad to see folks in a hospital bed when all your memories of them are of them running around, full of life. Granny was always on fire, running from one place to another, fiercely independent. She helped us a lot to get thru the death of Mom and we always thought Granny would last forever. Time finally caught up with her this year… she passed away last nite peacefully in her sleep. It was good to see her before she passed, and even tho she has suffered of advanced Alzheimer’s in recent years, I kinda like to hope at the end she knew we were there.

RIP Granny.

Granny and Gramps sometime in the early 70s

Granny loved going to Atlantic City – always hoping to hit it big, but never pushing her luck 🙂

Granny with me, Dave and Greg (I figure this is around 1969/70.

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