Hi honey, look what I did with the yard….

I turned it into my own little homespun obedience ring.

It’s actually been this way for a little while, I just take the tape down at night and move the jumps off the lawn (don’t need them getting watered by the sprinklers). Dretti is competing in Open Obedience and having a ring that mimics what we go into at dog shows helps immensely. Practicing the jumps and especially heeling with the ring tape really helps him focus. Notice the baling twine stays on the step in fence posts. The wind up here is ferocious, and without it the poles and the tape flutter and bend all over the place. It’s a small, flimsy ring, but it’s better than no ring or dragging everything down the hill to the nearest park. Those jumps are solid wood, and moderately heavy. I like them to stay pretty much in one place as much as possible. 🙂 Laaazzzzyyyyy.

This is Dretti, focusing on anything but practicing his obedience:

When they’re outside, they want in. When they’re inside, they want out. Never the two shall meet.

Q, thinking maybe he heard Art come home. Ha ha little dog, I was lying.

Now, if I can get Art to mow the lawn again we can practice without breaking an ankle, or hunting for the dumbell through the trees. I mean long grass.


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