Propane drama

So, with the rising cost of energy particulary here in CA, I opted to have Suburban Propane come out and drop off a larger propane tank for us. We had a 475gal (500?) and I had them bring a 1000 gal. The idea would be to buy propane under futures contract for a much cheaper price (under contract, its running like $2.60/gal right now vs. $3.30/gal last winter and probably along the order of $3.80 this coming winter). Great idea right? Well…

The dude is successful in draining the old tank into the new, installing the new tank and then as a safety test, he does a leak test on our line into the house. Leaks… not a lot, but enough. Damn. Start tracing it back. Not the furnace, water heater, stove or any stub pipes in the house. Good – maybe the house won’t be blowing up. Turns the valve off outside the house and its still leaking. I help him verify all his test rig and all the above ground connections. Still nothing. We notice that the stub pipe coming out of the ground is really loose. Really loose – as in, move a little dirt out of the way and the thing flops right over. Some junction underground is loose. And its 30+ yr old piping, which isn’t correct per code any way. So, since he can’t fix it right then and there, he disconnects the tank and sez “Sorry – no propane for you until either this pipe is fixed or you lay in a new line. Fortunately, they don’t use steel piping underground anymore for gas. Its some flex tubing that is one piece, no joints except at the above ground ends. So, until Friday – no hot water. Bleah…

6 thoughts on “Propane drama

  1. We have plenty of hot water here if you need some.

    Remember- in the late 70s, during the gas shortage, John Denver had large tanks full on his Colorado Ranch- and look what happened to him later (after we wewnt to see him – )- he was low on fuel in his experimental plane when he crashed- 1000 gallons isn’t too greedy, but be careful in experimental planes okay?

  2. Note to Lisa: Up the life insurance. There’s no way in hell you will be able to keep up with the “upgrades/fixes” needed at that place if Art runs out of jet fuel.

    Note to Art: Don’t run out of jet fuel.

    No hot water sucks ballz.

  3. Art THINKS he is taking flying lessons this fall. What Art THINKS and what is REALITY are often two compeletly separate things. When the projects around the ranch that have been sitting, neglected, since we moved in are completed, then maybe we’ll think about taking some flying lessons (the he part of we that is). Until then??? Art is GROUNDED.

  4. Pfft… I’m guessing Lisa is referring to the water line for the fridge 😛
    Damn, I should have just had the contractor that did the dry-rot repair in the office crawl under the house and hook up the water when he was here last year… I’d be flying by now if I had …

  5. The water line for the frige, the irrigation system, the desk in the office, hell, the entire office, baseboards, the eletrical wiring in the breakers/house, the wiring for the tv in the kitchen…….I could go on some more….?????

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