Who told the weeds?

That we have 3 exceptionally long noses that are just WAITING to be invaded by foxtails???
After a long and exhausting weekend, I had today off. I decided to tackle the shady side of the house (it’s in the 90s today) and the foxtail grass that’s taken over a good portion of our property.
For those of you who don’t know what this menace is, let me show you:
and just for some more fun….goatshead….the arrows direct you to the madness that punctures feet, tractor tires, dog paws, etc. These are the green version, in a month they will be brown and hard as nails.
OMG, my hand looks HUMONGOUS. Anyway.
The foxtail gets into noses, and throats, and under tongues and in between toes where it works it’s way into the skin and ‘migrates’ until it finds a joint to take up residence in or abscess’s out someways away from where it entered. This shit is seriously dangerous to the dogs and horses. I had to knock Andretti out last year and go exploring up his nose to fish one out, Dee got my hand shoved down her throat to pull one out of her soft palette, and then got knocked out to explore the rest of her throat the next day. She’s actually been knocked out once before to pull whole plants of them out of her stomach (she ate a whole mess of them, and then started throwing them up. You don’t want to know what happens if one of those things gets stuck in the esophagus and decides to migrate into the chest). Art and I had to tongue-wrestle Izzy about a week ago because she had one stuck deep into a salivary duct underneath her tongue. They only go one way….in, and deeper in. We got it out, thankfully, she’s a good horse and she held still for us. So, you know, not something we need in bulk around the house with all these fresh, untainted noses poking around. The goatshead is a ground sprawler. Those little burr things elongate their thorns and dry up to be really f’ing nasty. They stick into everything, and hurt like hell. They ruin the tires on the wheelbarrow and the mower, they’re so sharp.
And so, I weed. And weed. And weed. And thank gawd I do veterinary work and can fix things up noses myself, because this shit could get expensive.

6 thoughts on “Who told the weeds?

  1. Yeah, I really need to get the rest of my field mowed. I mow, then they pop up again, then I mow again & they sprout up AGAIN. I just dread any of the dogs getting mixed up with these… what a royal PITA. I didn’t even think about the mass of them in the dogs’ stomachs. Ugh.

  2. It almost seems like the ranch is something out of a Stephen King novel-

    Animals getting killed but wild critters
    Plants attacking your animals
    Rockslides up and along the road, trapping you away from civilization
    Temperature shifts that could cause illness

    What’s next? Hantavirus? Big Foot? Aliens?

  3. ….it’s been taking me less and less time to get to work, I keep finding these shortcuts down the hill. It used to take me 25 minutes, but now days, I can make it in 5 and I show up yesterday. I’m pretty sure I can cut another 2 minutes off though……

  4. Something has been sneaking into the barn at nite to eat all the cats food… we’ll set up a camera to see what it is… might be Big Foot (assuming he closes the door when he’s done) or perhaps a big kitty kibble eating lizard. RANCHZILLA!

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