Still plugging away at it….

Art took Friday off so we could do stuff around here together (awwwww, how sweet). We slept in late, got a visit from a neighbor about a stray goat (the neighbor probably now thinks we’re the epitome of lazy…Friday at 11am and Art answers the door in his robe with bed-head). We eventually got up and I made waffles, and we took the dogs out to run the pastures, always good entertainment. Well, I took the dogs out to run the pastures, Art eventually joined me. Then we got busy with the garden in front of the barn that we started last weekend.
We needed extra stuff from the hardware store, but it got done…
The dogs really really like it when either, or both, of us stay home on a weekday

They all got marrow bones, and took turns stealing and guarding them while we worked at the gardening. A good time was had by all.
After all the planting, I went to go practice obedience with Helen and her dogs at a park in Livermore. Dretti was wonderful. Then Art and I met up for dinner and a movie. FYI? Watchmen was about 2 hours too long. Seriously. And I could have done without the 5 minutes of porn at the half-way point. Just seemed…..not appropriate.
Plants will go in tomorrow, after I go to Berkeley to get more cactus/succuant planting mix. Today was pretty crappy, weather wise. It was cold and, as Art describes it, bitter. I cleaned the barn whilst AtH ran errands. When he got home, we attacked the back yard. Art mowed, I killed two roses (hopefully). No joke, I went completely Ted Nuggent on their asses. If they survive the pruning I gave them, they will have earned their places in my garden.
That is all.

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