Operation “Stay home doggies” commences

Fraley and I started our fencing project today – we got the first 100+ft in place between a couple sections on our property (the part that our dogs most frequently injure themselves on due to the rusty old barbed wire), and partially tensioned. We need to finish this section this coming weekend – its somewhat slow going using the come-a-along to tighten it up and then attach all the retainer clips, but we’re determined.

The next section we’ll do is along the actual border with the neighbors where their dogs squeeze thru. A tree fell over this section years back and broke/flattened a long section of the fencing. Its tangled with a bunch of wood, etc so we’ll have to carefully extract the wire first before taking the chainsaw to the tree/branches.

We’ll need to start closing the gate at the end of the driveway too, since I found of of their dogs wandering along the road when I left for work last week. And its a damn long walk to get to our driveway by road from the neighbors. But their dogs seem to have nothing better to do when left alone during the day.

I hope the local farm supply store has plenty of fencing in stock – I’m going to clean ’em out this weekend :-/

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