Dogs, fencing and a good hike

As much as the east coast is in the grips of bitter cold weather, our weather has taken a turn entirely the other way. It was > 70 around the area over the past few days. On the surface, that seems great, but it will wreak havoc with crops later this winter/spring.

Anyway, more problems with the neighbors dogs – they continue to squeeze thru areas of the old fencing between our properties and come down to harass us, our animals, etc. Enough is enough – we’re going to completely re-fence the border between us with a mesh fence (rather than just the few strands of barbed wire which doesn’t keep them out and causes problems for our dogs when they chase them). They let them wander freely and aren’t going to change despite numerous requests from us and other neighbors.

Lisa and I grabbed the hiking sticks and set off to inspect the fence lines this afternoon. We ended up exploring a whole area on the backside of our property we’d never been too (yea, we suck – almost 4 years now and we’ve not even stepped foot on the back 10+ acres of our land – note: its very steep and a hard climb in places, so its not a trivial stroll to get there).

Lisa got a bunch of good pics from up on top of our ridge and then down in the ravine where we found a neat stream bed – which should be full of water, but alas, no rain since December.

I’ll start working on installing new fencing this weekend, since I have MLK day off on Monday (and the good weather will continue thru the weekend).











5 thoughts on “Dogs, fencing and a good hike

  1. An unfortunate reason for a hike, but it looks like a great day for it. The photos are nice. It looks dry.

    We’ll be out skiing this afternoon once the temp climbs aboe 18 or so (getting there!). The 8-14″ of snow that is coming down will be perfect for it.

  2. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful. So are you going to have to hike in all of the fencing materials, or are the dumbass neighbors going to let you access from their side?

  3. Yea, its dry here – we’ve only gotten like 1/4″ of rain so far in January. Last January, we had 7″.

    At least from my conversation with the neighbor earlier this week, we’ll be able to truck fencing supplies up to the top from his side – not sure if I can get from his side yard to the gate opening but at least its a shorter/easier trek across his flat lawn than it is to push all this stuff uphill on our side.

  4. Yeah, at least from hi sside you can “lower it down” to your side… or just set it down & let it roll!!! (that may actually be counter productive…)

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