In the downtime at the San Jose arena, they had the Walking with Dinosaurs show last week. I took my brother Greg to see it – he’s wanted to see it for awhile. It was decent animatronics but I think more geared for fascinating or terrifying young kids (a number of parents seemed to misjudge their kids when bringing them to this show where a 40ft T-Rex strolls out and roars and basically walks around for 15 mins scaring everyone in the closest rows).

It was worth seeing – once.






3 thoughts on “Dinosaurs!

  1. So, did you get big plates of meat, no utensils & a gothic looking wine glass of juice?

    (kinda reminds me of the knights of the round table…)

  2. He really liked it – it was pretty educational in addition to having pretty good effects. I was surprised when they brought out the ‘smart’ dinosaurs (raptors) they actually had set up a dinosaur ‘kill’ complete with fake rubber guts. I think some parents weren’t prepared for that 🙂

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